Monday, April 9, 2012


 I am so sick of cooties. Yep....those disgusting germs that are covering your children when they come home from school. I think my children secretly like bringing home every germ imaginable, just to make me crazy. I swear I can see the germs lined up in battlefield formation, waiting for me to drop my children off at school. As soon as I get out of my car, they all charge at me....I think I might actually wear a mask and gloves everywhere I go. Better yet, consider me the next bubble girl. And all my little bubble babies will follow behind me. :)

 My kids are 12, 6, 3, and 1. Three of the four are in school 5 days a week. Breathing in all those lovely air borne viruses, and touching those toilets that have germ party written all over them. Are you getting the hint that I'm a germaphobe? HA! If you don't have school aged children.....just wait!!

 My kids live in a clean home, they wash their hands (though like many children, should wash them more), have clean clothes and beds, take baths every night, eat nutritious meals, are up to date on vaccines and well checks, take vitamins, brush their teeth.....I mean I could go on. We are clean people. So please tell me......why are we always getting SICK!?!?!

 I know I've always had a weaker immune system, I don't go long without getting a cold. But as soon as I became a stay at home mom, I think my immune system took a hit. I was used to being out in the world everyday, around all kinds of germs, and now I'm only used to my house and the germs that I rarely let in here. My kids going to school, is just introducing me to all kinds of cooties out there!

 William has had an ear infection, just about every few months since he was born, he gets every cold that any of the older kids get, and then gives it to me. :) Right now, Laura is over the cold she had last week. It took her a while, but she's good now. Katie has had this cough that causes her to gag and throw up, for about two weeks, along with a runny nose. William also has the runny nose and cough. I am just now starting to feel like my body is trying to start to get over this cold, except for the complete loss of voice and sore throat. To add to this.......William has pink eye in both of his eye's and I believe Katie has it as well.

 Let's just take a minute to laugh this out, shall we? I mean really, this HAS to be some kind of a joke.........right?

 Sigh......this must be some kind of good character building opportunity! And believe's not as easy as you may think.

 Homeschooling, and full body bubbles, sound better and better with each cold that comes into this house. ;)