Saturday, June 30, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 5!

Here we are at day 5!! Today I have to write 5 places I'd like to visit.

1-Germany. This is my number one place, because I was born there. I have lots of pictures of me there as a baby, but I'd like to go back and take pictures now.

2-Hawaii......duh!! My 4 kids (and all the neighbor kids) keep me so busy, so when they go to bed at night, I sit and dream about being near a beautiful beach, yummy drink in hand, and nothing but the sound of the waves :)

3-Alaska. Nick and I always say we'd love to visit Alaska.

4-New Zealand. When we are old, we'd love to spend the rest of our days there!!!

5-Arizona. Even though this is at the bottom of my list, it's number one in my heart. My family is there, and that's my old stomping grounds, as my mom would say ;)

 Having so many kids, and so little time, makes me want to visit ANYWHERE truthfully lol! Well maybe not ALL places....but the pretty ones!! One day I'd love to travel around the country finding beautiful places, and I will blog from THOSE places hehe :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 4!

Goodmorning friends! Today is day 4 of the 30 day challenge, and it says to write the meaning behind your 'tumblr' name. Not only do I not have one, but I don't even know what it is! So instead, I will tell you the meaning behind my children and animals names ;) Close enough, right?

Let's start with Nicholas Michael. Obviously I had no part in naming him, but I do love his name. He was the start of Nick and I naming our children traditional strong names. He is named after Nick, which I will always find sweet :)

Laura Elizabeth, I came up with her name, from deaming about it. Nick and I tried for almost 3 years to get pregnant with her. One day I had a dream that I had a little baby girl and her name was Laura. Of course that stayed with me, and when I finally found out I was pregnant and, that we would be blessed with a girl, I knew immediately what her name would be. It felt like it was supposed to be 'Laura'. I thought hard about a strong middle name to go along with her beautiful first name, and came up with Elizabeth. It's very fitting to her personality.

Katelee Diane, is a very special name. They all are obviously, but her name has a special place in my heart. Nick and I came up with Kate. It's strong and pretty. I knew I wanted to add my moms middle name and Nick's moms middle name into her name somehow. It took a long time of playing with the names, befor eI got it just right. I came up with Katelee. Lee is my moms middle name. I had never heard of a Katelee before. I immediately fell in love, and we used Nick's moms middle name, Diane, as Katie's middle name. People call her Katie mostly, but I am very fond of 'Katelee', so you will hear me calling her that more frequently. Or Katie bug ;)

William Robert, was so easy for us. Nick and I love strong names (Nicholas, Laura, Kate) so William was a name we loved, years before we had kids together. I am really close to my brother Robert, so we wanted to give William my brother Robert's middle name. It fits him. I think of my brother every time William is getting into things he shouldn't be getting into! ;)

My kids have such meaningful names to me. I love every single one of them. Even if I didn't get to name Nicholas, it still would have been the name I gave to hime if he had come from my belly. :)

On to the pets of the Long family.

Lacey, our 10 year old maltese. Poor girl has had some good years. :) She is definitely showing her age nowadays. My mom had her when she was a puppy, so she came up with her name.

Pippin. Our boy cat, was first named Daisy. We thought HE was a girl, until one day I found pee in my pantry and knew immediately it was from him, and SHE was no SHE. I checked and sure enough, we had to change his name. We came up with Pippin from Lord Of The Rings.

Violet, Nicholas came up with her name when we got both cats. We wanted both names to go together, so we came up with flower names and Violet was one that we all liked! She IS still a she, so she gets to keep her name ;)

So there you have it!! The names of our little ones, and little furbabies, and the meanings behind them. I'd love to hear about your kid's names as well!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 3!

Hello again! Today is day 3 of the 30 day challenge! Today says to write about your day, in great detail. Oh boy!! Here we go :)

This morning I got to sleep until 8am! I've been staying up super late so that was really nice. I realized William was still sleeping, so was Nicholas, and of course the girls were watching cartoons.
Nick and I decided to get up and enjoy some coffee outside. We usually have our coffee as we go on about our mornings, so it was great to sit in the fresh air and actually take our time with our coffee. The girl's joined us outside, playing their light brights, and messing around with the pool table in the garage. Of course I had to take a picture of them, AND our coffee mugs.
We had the monitor with us, and heard our little man wake up around 8:45, so after a diaper and outfit change, he joined us outside as well. By 9, I realized the kids were an hour and a half late for breakfast, so I dived in to making cereal, oatmeal, cut up fruit and cups of juice, water or milk.
After breakfast the girls wanted to watch a movie. Ramona and Beezus. Totally cute movie for kids, and I actually enjoy it as well. I took that time to start laundry, and the usual morning cleanup.
Nick left for school around 10:30am, and I took the kids outside to play. We set up the water table, some of the kids were playing with the pool table, and I chose to sit back, watch my kiddos and skim through my phone a bit.
We played outside until William was ready to come in....usually he gets up at 7:30am, has his first nap at 10:30am, and his second nap at 3pm. Lately however, he has been waking up later and skipping his second nap, so today we decided to let him stay up until right after lunch. Why is my son growing up so fast?? This means he is not a baby anymore :( I will miss you dearly second nap!!!
We had a picnic in the back yard for lunch. I was feeling anxious for no reason at all, so it was hard for me to really enjoy it, but my kids had no idea and that's what mattered :)
William went down for his nap right after lunch and I kicked the kids outside yet again. We set up the pool, slathered on sunscreen and they had a ball jumping fom the trampoline to the little pool....ha, reading that makes me see how dangerous that might be, but it was still fun for them :)
I decided to lay out and catch some sun, I love it so much. I am completely relaxed when laying out, and watching my kids goof off. I didn't stay out there too long, and had my tattoo completely covered. I kept freaking out that it might not be all the way covered, so I kept calling the kids over asking them "do you see ANY of my tattoo at all?!" LOL. While outside I smiled a lot. Nicholas and Laura haven't been getting along much lately, but today they did great. They decided to play "Harry Potter", and I was giggling to myself listening to them call out spells to each other. They are such cool kids!! :)
Nicholas and Laura wanted to stay outside by the pool, but I brought Katie inside for snack time, and to get out of the sun a bit. She of course wanted popcorn and another movie, and since I saw our netflix had come, I was excited to put on Mary Poppins. So the big kids came in, and we started the movie. It was an ok movie to them, they were off and on with it. It takes a bit for it to get going and they just werent interested in some of the stuff going on in the movie. So much for that!! I did laundry while they watched and some more household chores.
Movie was over, William was up from nap, and there was lots of random play in the house. I have Nicholas do "sunmer school" at home, since he school doesn't offer it, but he really needs the extra help. I had him start his spelling words, and reading, and I started dinner. Jambalya with spicy italian sausage, corn, olives, and dinner rolls. William helped me cook, with his pots and pans on the floor :)
Nick came home around 5, hugs were given, and dinner was served. After dinner we cleaned up and decided to have ice cream cones for dessert in the back yard. We also realized it was time to set our first butterfly free. He emerged fom his cacoon about 5 or so days ago, he was beautiful, but we wanted him to "live in our backyard and start a family" ;) So off he went, the kids loved seeing him fly away into the trees.
We pushed the kids on their swings, chased them through the cool grass, and Nick and I got to sit and enjoy each others company, while watching the kiddos. We played hide and seek for a good hour and then it was time for the nightly routine.
By this time, I am pretty tired. I haven't mentioned all the diaper changes, sippy cup refills, little mess clean ups, snack times, random phone calls I have to make, texts between me and my hubby, helping build towers, cuddling, and breaking up any little arguments.
So, we got the girls bathed, then William, got them all dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed. Nicholas took his shower and we all read books together before we tucked the three little ones into their beds. Nick and I pretty much collapsed onto the couch before realizing we had the end of the night cleanup to do. much cleaning!! Nicholas wanted to watch Harry Potter, so after cleaning, I grabbed some ben and jerrys (YUM!) and watched wife swap haha!
This has taken me a while to write since, I keep zoning out to the tv! Nick is next to me doing more math than I can wrap my head around......and I'm soon going to take a shower and head to bed. We have planned to go to the lake tomorrow after breakfast!
My day's are full of cleaning, outside play, making meals, crafts and fun with the kids. Today was actually a very quiet day at home. We usually have the 3 neighbor kids over most of the time who are 3, 6, and 8. The kids love to hang out together and I enjoy finding fun activities for them to do.
I'm very glad the other days on this challenge aren't like this one, lol!! I found myself SO bored just writing about what I did today, especially as today was a down day at home.

 I hope you were all able to enjoy some smiles, sunshine and sillyness during your day :)

30 Day Challenge, Day 2

Hello friends, I'm back to do day 2 of this 30 day challenge. Today say's to write 10 likes and dislikes. I will do 10 of both :) Here we go....

1-The sound of my kids happily playing together. I am sure all moms would put this at the top of their "likes list".
2-Coffee in the morning.....and afternoon ;)
3-The way I feel after a good workout.
4-The way my husband rubs my feet. Amazing :)
5-Baby kisses. I love all the kisses I get from my kids, but the kisses from my baby (who certainly is no baby anymore, at 18 months old now!) are the best!!
6-The quiet. I love noisy family functions, but I really love the quiet. I've been raising kids since I was 18, so being in the quiet is so rejuvenating to me.
7-CHOCOLATE!!!! It's a nasty obsession that I have with this evil food. I must find a way to love fresh fruit more than chocolate!
8-Taking my family to the lake. It's an absolute FAVORITE in the summer. Forget it being a like...I LOVE it.
9-All thing's girly. :)
10-Writing. It's like a therapy session for me, lol! Seriously friends, get a journal and try writing in it a couple times a week. You will feel a lot less stressed out :)

1-Most veggies. I know....bad!!
2-I I hate, that I'm so far from my mom and dad and brothers.
3-Potty training. No matter how fun I try to make it for my child, it's stressful to me!!
4-Alarm clocks. UGH!
5-Alcoholics. It really does hurt me, that I have no relationship with my own father.
6-Having to wash my face at night. I'm always exhausted by the time I make it to the bathroom, but I still drag myself to the sink, to wash away the long day on my face.
7-Having my son go to his birth mother's house on the weekends. It's a lot stronger than just a "dislike".
8-The sound of my kids arguing. HA, should have been number one right?!
9-Anxiety. Enough said.
10-Staying up late. Weird right? This week I've been up until midnight most nights, and I really hate it. I'm an old woman at heart!! ;)

There ya have it. Some of my likes and dislikes that just came to me. I'm sure each week we could all write different likes and dislikes, than the week before. Here is to hoping tomorrow I like fruit a lot more and chocolate a lot less ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I had no idea.....

If you are a parent, and are like now know that it's not exactly how you thought parenting would be.

I didn't think my kid's would fight as much as they do. Hearing "he looked at me", is seriously something I hear on a regular basis. My response...."close your eyes, and you can't see where he is looking". Yes, I'm that mom.

I didn't think we'd go through so much damn juice. But on that same note, I didn't think my kids (Laura) would love water as much as they do.

I didn't think I'd have to scower the internet at night for "good ways to instill discipline, and self esteem". I thought it would just all come to me when they put my first baby in my arms. I'm still waiting for it to come to me. ;)

I had no idea how often they'd need to use the restroom. I make them go before we leave the house, and it never fails....atleast one of them will "so badly need to go pee" when we get to our destination. I've realized over the years that they are like dogs.....they need to mark their teratory, and I'm just not going along for that ride. I hate public restrooms and would like to avoid them as much as possible.

I didn't even have an inkling that my 12 AND 6 year old kids would beg me for CELL PHONES. Seriously? Get a car AND a job, and you can have all the cellphones you want :)

I didn't realize that my life would revolve around meal times. It really does. Make it, serve it, clean it up, prepare for next meal. It's ridiculous. I love to cook, but the kitchen is for sure my least favorite place....I'm in there way too often!

I didn't know my kid's could be JUST LIKE ME, at the age of 3. Katie is my spitting image when it comes to her personality. She is ok with playing alone, and is very dramatic. She lets everyone know when she is tired, and needs her space often. I don't fight it like I used to. I was afraid that she wasn't social or something, but it's not the way it is. She is just happy with herself, and doesn't like too many people in her circle....she wants to watch to see who she can trust, and who doesn't matter. I think she is very wise. Just like her teacher said "we need people of all types in this world, and she is a very special type, that other's could learn from".

I had no idea that almost every waking moment would be about my children. I will be the bad mom that will be honest here. After 9 years of being a stay at home mom, there are days that I need a break from every moment being about the kids. BUT, there are also times (most times) when I absolutely love that my life is my kids. I love being a mom....their mom. I'm lucky to have this role.

I didn't think my heart could be this full. I grew up feeling loved and having love for my family, but when I became a mom, I finally felt a love that only paren't feel. I thrive on this love, like most parent's do. I had no idea it would be this amazing.

30 Day Challenge. Day 1

I decided to start this fun, silly challenge. For no reason other than it looked fun. :)

Day 1, says to write some basic thing's about yourself.

Here goes....and bear with me, as I do get long winded at times ;)

I'm 27 years old.
I am 5'7"
I've been a stay at home mom for 9 years.
I'm very girly.
I'm more of a homebody.
I adore the sunshine.
My kids are the world to me.
My husband is my best friend.....after my mom ;)
I was born in Germany
I got married when I was 20 years old, to the man of my dreams, and he still makes my heart flutter.
I recently got my very first tattoo, and love it!! I must say, I was a damn warrior, never asking for a break, and sitting absolutely still.....patting myself on the back....but not on my tattoo haha!

So there are a few basic thing's about me. I seriously could make this list long, because truthfully if you write a list of things about yourself, the things you like and dislike, you really learn a lot about yourself. There is something very theraputic, about looking at a list of YOU....putting things about yourself out for the world to see is a good thing in my opinion. Embrase who you are and who you aren't.

Until tomorrow :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stepping back and breathing.

 I think we have all had moment's in our lives when we feel like our mind is going to explode if we don't step back and just breath. It's so hard, to do that very thing.
 My children have seemed to gang up on me this past week. It's funny that I am getting frustrated.....time to lay down the law, because we all know...."if mama ain't happy, nobody is happy!" ;)
 Today I hit my limit of I took my son out in the back yard, sat with him in my lap and enjoyed chex mix. I put my feet up on our little pool and enjoyed the shade that all our trees grace us with. I was quiet. William was quiet. It was perfect. I think he knew I needed some silence, and he was happy to oblige.
 About 5 minutes of that pure joy went by and I hear tapping on my back slider door. I look up and there are my two crazy girls, giggling themselves into oblivion. I laughed. Even when I remove myself from the situation, my little shadows are always lurking. It's hard to stay angry with them they joined us, and what was once a quiet moment, turned into a family fun evening of catching frogs, and sharing smiles.
 It was just what I needed. I needed the quiet to gather myself, before my kids took me on yet another whirlwind of bug catching, pool splashing fun!
 So, the next time you are over your head in stress, anger, or frustration, remove yourself for 5 minutes. Feel the sunshine, and just breath. And if you are as lucky as I am.....have your little boy join you with a snack. It's the best medicine :)