Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Laura!!!!!

Dear Laura,
  You are now 7 years old!! It truly is mind blowing to think of how quickly the past 7 years have gone! I remember finding out I was pregnant with you. We tried for so long to have you. And then one day, our wishes came true. Then I found out you were a girl!!! Grandma Jan and I went shopping all afternoon. Our mission- find anything PINK! And we did :)
 The day I had you, changed my life forever. I had never experienced seeing a miracle happen. Seeing you come into this world, taking your first breath, being passed around the room and being ooh'd and awww'd at. It was amazing. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about all the happiness you have brought into our world.
 Then you had your 1'st, 2'nd, 3rd, and 4th birthdays. The years went so quickly. You became a big sister TWICE. You started school, made friends, and found your love of reading. :)
 The past year you have grown more than any year before. Not only are you always making us proud at home, with sharing, giving out those sweet hugs, making the silliest jokes, and asking the best are making us proud in school! You read so much, you are so gifted. You learn something once, and you just 'get it'. You are a helper in class, you make friends easily, and you are always thinking of others. That's my girl :)
 Seeing you grow each year, learning more and more has been a blessing. You have taught me so much, that it brings me big smiles, just thinking of how much YOU have changed ME.
 You have grown into a sweet little girl, that LOVES to read, dance and sing out loud. You come up with great stories, and I absolutely LOVE our journal we share. You are so independent yet I can see that you will always need mama hugs. I will always need hugs from you too!
 Laura I have been honored to be your mommy. You have been such a wonderful daughter. Please don't ever lose your sense of humor. The way you dance and sing, even knowing when we are watching. We are always here cheering you on, and always will be. Thank you for bringing such joy into our lives, big smiles every day, and an amazing love into our hearts. I love you so much sweetie. Happy 7th Birthday!

Love forever,

                       Here is a look at how much you have grown!!

                         In mama's belly, the night before you were born.
Welcome to the world Laura Elizabeth!!
Blue eyed baby!

First Birthday!!
Second Birthday!!
Third Birthday!!
4th Birthday!!
5th Birthday!!
6th Birthday!!
7th Birthday!!
You and your siblings 2012
Our family 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday William!!!

 Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!! I am amazed at how fast 2 years went. You have been such an amazing son, keeping us laughing, and smiling!
 The day you were born, was a bittersweet day for mama. I was so extremely happy to have you in my arms. I felt like I waited so long to have my boy. You cried the sweetest cry, and the moment I laid my eyes on you, my life would be forever changed, in the best way possible.
 You nursed like a champ right off the bat, and I held you for so long, skin to skin, smelling your sweet baby smell. When I had the spinal headache that lasted 3 days, it was horrible. Those three days of pain, were the hardest of my life. You kept me going. Seeing your perfect skin, your sweet little lips, and tiny fingers. The love I had for you, and your daddy and brother and sisters, kept me going. I couldn't sit up, so daddy would lay you next to me just so I could see you and feel you against my chest. I waited so long for my baby were so close to me, yet so far away. It was very difficult, but I held on to hope.
 I look back on those days sometimes, and I look at you now, and I'm so thankful for everything we went through that first week of your life. I will never deny those were the hardest days of my life, but they were also the most beautiful. It made the bond of mama and son, so much greater. We held on to each other, from across the room, knowing we were there for each other.
 This morning, when I first saw you, my first words were "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!".......yours were "STOP!" :) :) Yep, your my little stinker :) You are so full of life, that I find amazement in just watching you, have your own little way to do things. Your own little way of dancing, and playing with your siblings. Your way of trying to impress daddy :) You have created a love in this family, that is so perfect. We just weren't whole without you.
 You've done so much growing this year, that I sometimes laugh at how easy you have been for mommy and daddy. You have practically potty trained yourself (which I'm not complaining about), you say anything, anyone says, you try your best to keep up with your older brother and sisters, and refuse to be unheard. You are perfectly you.
 The days of you being a baby, are coming so close to an end, it hurts me. I want to hold you in my arms after nap time, rocking in "our chair", kissing your cheek and smelling your hair, forever. I know that isn't possible, but I certainly am cherishing every "baby" moment with you.
 Thank you sweet William, for bringing so much joy into all of our lives. You have made the world a brighter, more beautiful place to be. Always keep your sense of humor, and love of people. It will get you far in life. I love you so much, and will always be the first to pick you up and hug you tight. Mama's arms is right where you fit. :)

Love forever,

      Here is a look at how much you've grown!!!!