Friday, March 16, 2012

Enough is enough....I have to say something.

 I have seen it time and time again, and I'm so sick of it. I'm talking about parents that DON'T participate!
 Parents at the park, sitting the entire time letting their 3, 4, and 5 year olds run wherever they want, not caring if they are out of their sight.
 Parent's at school dances, sitting the entire time, watching all the other children and a handful of parents dance too.
 Parent's that take their 3 and 4 year olds to a "parent participation" gymnastics class, sitting the entire time.

 Now, before I get a bunch of people messaging me about each topic, lets go over each of these shall we?

 First, when you take your child to the park, I know you want to see them around other children, playing and learning how to just BE around other kids. I get it. But there is a fine line......ok no, make that a huge chalky line, between "letting your kids play with others", and sitting on your bum, looking at your phone the entire time. When your child is playing with another child, you need to be only a few feet away. Enough to where both children feel "alone", but enough to hear every word that is said. You need to be close enough to stop anything that you might not like. Period. I see some of you moms out there sitting on the bench, texting or talking on the phone most of the time. I am annoyed with you and you know is your kid. When your son or daughter walks around parent less (and need I remind you, free for anyone to scoop up and take home??? UH SCARY!) he or she is seeing other moms and dads actually PLAY with their children. Believe me, it will upset them. So do us all a favor, but most of all your child. Stay near them, not only for safety, but so your child feels like you have their back. Play. It's simple. I are exhausted, and just want them to run out all of their energy, I get it. I'm tired too. Our children are our top priorities right? Well, that means you play with them. End of story.

 Next, parents that go to dances at school and sit. WHY?! I know it's not always extremely fun to stand up in front of all the other judgemental moms and dads, and dance to every single Justin Beiber song, but it's important to your kid. Yep, even those kindergartners that run around dancing silly with their friends. You think "they are fine without me dancing with them". Wrong, when they see the other moms and dads dancing, they most certainly do not think that. Get up for your kid, make a fool out of yourself and have fun. It's about making our kids smile, and their HEARTS smile. Period. It's not about what you think others will think. I mean at this point in life, does that really matter? Absolutely not. It matters what our KIDS think.

 And last but not least.....parents taking their kids to "parent participation" gymnastics classes, and never participating. I saw this happen today at Katie's first gymnastics class. I have a few problems with this. One....when you sign your kid up, they TELL you that its parent be prepared to participate. That means getting up out of that comfy metal chair, and running, laughing, skipping, and CLAPPING for your kid. Not only did I see parents sit and watch their own kids cut in line, not listen to the instructor, and be terrors, but I saw parents that never once said "good job sweetie!", "wow look at how awesome you can skip".......nothing. Why???? If your child is shy and not wanting to join in the class activity, like skipping in a circle, don't continue to try to push them into the circle of children skipping wildly. Grab their hand, and say "lets try this together, it will be fun". I can't imagine sitting at the corner of a mat, making my kid feel bad about being shy. JOIN IN PARENTS!

 What this all boils down to is two things in my opinion. Laziness, and low self confidence. I'm sure there are other reasons, but these two are always always always the ones I think of when I see these parents. Moms and Dads, I'm exhausted.....taking care of kids all day, cleaning, taking kids to and from school, meals, laundry, nap times, entertaining, errands.....we all know the list is never ending. I don't make that an excuse though. I get my ass up and do it for my kid. I play with them at the park, when I am exhausted and having awful allergies. I dance my toosh off at school dances, and I trot like nobody's business in gymnastics classes. Why? For my KIDS. I want them to see that I love them and want to do this for them. I want them to be outgoing and proud of who they are. I want them to be who they are and not be afraid to show it.

We are who are children learn SO much from. So, please, parents......stop this nonsense, and just get up. Your children will never be disappointed that you participated :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gymnastics, bottles and tantrums....OH MY!!!

 Phew, so much to talk about with so little time. Life seems to always be like that.....especially when you become a parent!
 First thing is first....William is officially off of bottles!!!! It's so bittersweet for me. On one hand I'm thinking, yay no more cleaning bottles!!! But on the other hand I'm thinking, oh my little baby is not a little baby anymore!!!. I wanted to ditch the bottles when he turned one, but I couldn't do it. I felt too bad. He hasn't had a day time bottle in months, but he has always had a bottle right before bed. I rock him, he smiles and drinks himself into a milk daze. I's so relaxing to me.....and him. I enjoy sitting in my fluffy recliner, rocking away, starring at his beautiful face. I am shocked each night when I see how long he stretches across my lap!!
 So, no more baba's for my baby. He did great, and I know there won't be any problems. He is the best when it comes to change.

 Next......GYMNASTICS!!! Nick and I signed the girls up for gymnastics. Katie starts this Friday, and will go every Friday from 3:45pm to 4:30pm. Hers is for 3 and 4 year olds, just a fun thing for them. Laura goes every Wednesday, from 4pm to 5pm. Hers is a more serious gymnastics class, so I am hoping she really gets into this and takes off from there.

 I mainly wanted to sign Laura up so she has something for herself. She is 6 now and I can see she is really trying to figure out who she is, where she fits and how far she can go. So, signing her up for gymnastics was a no brainer for me. I was lucky to find a gymnastics class that offers great classes for a great price. I know from experience how hard it is to find a place that offers GOOD classes at a NORMAL price. I will keep you all updated on how she does!! Both girls are thrilled and feeling even more excited since I got them new leotards!!!

 Tantrums.......I've been seeing less of those from Laura the past few days. This makes me smile. Yet, I've been seeing more of them from WILLIAM!!!! My little man has found his voice and is letting everyone in my neighborhood know it!!! These poor people that live next to us must think this house is full of animals or something lol!! William was mad that he wasn't allowed to climb onto Laura's bed yesterday, so he threw a crying fit for TWENTY minutes. I ignored him, he stopped, life went on. He's learning that crying doesn't automatically get him what he wants. But his sweet kisses just might!! ;)

 So here at the Long home, we are as busy as ever.....and soon will become even more busy with gymnastics starting!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Laura and the sassy 6's!!

 Laura is 6 years old now and the past month or so has been going through this phase (I call it a phase in the hopes that it will STOP soon!) where she seems to complain about EVERYTHING. Sigh.....I'm sick of it.
 I almost want to stop her mid complaint and say "I don't want to hear this!", but I don't because I think "how awful would I feel if my mom said that to me?!"......did I complain THIS much when I was a kid?
 Not only complaining, but arguing. Here is a conversation we recently had....

 Me: Laura you need to go put on some warm clothes, it's a little chilly outside.

 Laura: But I want to wear THIS.

 Me: It wasn't a question....I was telling you to go put on warmer clothes. You may choose which warm clothes to wear, but you may not choose whether you do it or not.

 Laura: I'm not doing it. (arms folded, pout face in full swing)

 Me: Go put on warm clothes, or you can lay in your bed until you decide to listen.

 Laura: FINE!!!!

Some times I will say "timeout for yelling at me" or "timeout for being disrespectful", and sometimes I plain old ignore it. It's true what they say.....pick your battles. My kids being outside in summer clothes when its winter is not going to happen. So, I let them wear whatever their little hearts desire, as long as its warm. It can completely not match....I don't care. Sometimes this works well for me. I win and they THINK they win by being able to pick out the outfit. Let's face it really won!

 Laura is insanely smart, beautiful, sweet, FUNNY, and very thoughtful. So seeing her go through this 6 year old phase of back talking, complaining and whining, is just sad for me. I know they all go through these weird and....well extrememly frustrating phases, but this one needs to leave soon. Really soon.

 I have learned 2 great things. 1, just because she is going through this, doesn't make her a bad child.....not at all. It makes her normal. I am learning how to handle these fits and she is learning her boundaries.....again. And 2, I'm not alone in this. I have a lot of my mama friends telling me that their children have gone or are currently going through this same phase. I will call it the sassy 6's. EEK!

 For now I will continue to show her all of my love, and all of my firmness.....later she will thank me. Or later she will have a bigger fit. Either one! Ha!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why do they have to grow up so fast?!

 My son is about to turn 15 months (on the 9th), and I am just overwhelmed with how quickly he is growing up. I swear the other kids didn't grow as quickly. Let's face it though...after your first child....thing's get a little fuzzy in the brain department! ;)
 Today we took William to get his very first hair cut. Something I've been wanting to do, yet at the same time.....something I've been pushing off. I knew he needed a hair cut. The poor child was looking a little girlish from the back. But I knew cutting those beautiful locks would mean no more baby hair. It made me sad AND happy to see that first cut happen. I'm excited for him that he is growing up and experiencing big boy things, but sad for me because he's my last baby. Enough said.
 He held still the entire time, being the amazing little boy that I know. He impresses everyone when we go to the doctors office with how quiet and well behaved he is there. LOL!!!!!! If only they could see him in his natural habitat haha!
 Today was the very last time I could say "my baby had his or her first hair cut!!" He's the last baby I got to experience this with. It such a strange feeling. It's so amazing, and sweet to go through everything with him, but it stings too. Just because it's all going so quickly. I don't want my baby to grow up!!! WAAAAAA!!!
 The hair cut is not the only thing I've been pushing off. I've also been pushing off getting rid of the "before bed bottle". There is nothing I enjoy more than rocking my son all warm and snug in my arms, lights dim, feeding him his milk bottle. It's perfection to me. He stares into my eyes every night, plays with the blanket that hangs on the rocking chair and sometimes likes to play with my face (though I don't enjoy that part so much! LOL)
 I am scared to have all my children grow up and not need me so much. There are days that I'm so overwhelmed and frustrated and stressed....a lot of time its because of how much I need to do around the house and for the kids. Having so many kids means a lot of work. But I can't imagine my life differently. I can't imagine my kids not needing me for what seems like, EVERYTHING! I can't imagine not rocking my son each and every night. We both look forward to it. Tonight for instance, Nick gave William his bottle and William walked right over to the rocker, sat on it and looked right at me as if to say, "come on know the routine". He loves it. His little eyelids become so heavy while I rock him and talk to him about our day or how much I love him.
 These kids are little boogers sometimes.....make me take more deep breaths in one day than I thought imaginable, and fight as if they are cats and dogs. At the end of the me, they are perfect. Absolutely perfect. I see their little faces in the morning, and as I am tuning out their complaints (yep....all you new moms be forewarned!!! When they get past the age of 2, they somehow WAKE UP WHINY sometimes) I see their beauty, their sweetness and all the love they have for this world and our family. They make me smile, without speaking. They make my heart glow with just a hug. I can't imagine my life without each of my children.
 ALL of my kids are special to me. They have their own personalities and needs from me. William is especially needy because he's the youngest, but as he is getting older and older I see him becoming more independent. :( He's my baby. My very last baby. Why oh why does it have to go so quickly???
 He only gets to have the night time bottle for a few more days and then that goes away too. Sigh........I think these things hurt me more than him!!! :)
 So, for now....while I sit here watching my kids grow and learn and become these amazing people, I will cherish every smile, hug, kiss, "I love you", and even the arguments. 
 It brings them that much closer :)

 Here are a couple pictures of my handsome boy with his first haircut!

            Before his hair cut:::

After his hair cut:::