Wednesday, May 28, 2014

No explanations needed.

This morning I woke up and did the first thing I do everyday.....brush the hair out of my face, stare at the clock until numbers start to make sense to me again, and then grab my phone. I believe the cell phone has become the modern day newspaper.

I read something right away that really grabbed my attention. Usually coffee and kids fighting are the only things to grab my attention that early in the morning.

Here it is...

Pretty powerful right? I mean, I think this is something every one of us should read. Remembering that you don't owe anyone an explanation for your life is really important.

I took this one to heart. I've had countless people tell me that I should forgive my father for the past. I should let him back into my life, and move on. To get over it.

I've really thought long and hard about my choice to not speak to him, and reading this really validated it for me. Why do I owe anyone an explanation? I don't. It's my choice. I'm living my life happily and don't have to come up with any excuses for it.

I hope this little quote means something to you all too. We all come from different walks of life, but at the end of the day we need to remember that we are meant to be here. We are meant to lead our own paths, and we don't owe ANYONE an explanation or an apology for it.


Friday, May 23, 2014

The mom fight,

If you are a woman, and have had a have experienced "the mom fight".

Oh you all know exactly what I'm talking about. That nasty fight, that what seems like most women have with each other.

You are walking through the grocery store and of course now is the time that your little one decides is perfect for a tantrum. What do you get? Not only the stress of figuring out how to stop the tantrum, but you also have all the mom eyes on you.

It's so frustrating. When we should band together and build each other up, we seem to only tear each other apart.

And it's not just when we are face to face. It's over the internet, through COMMERCIALS. I mean, why can't we just say you know what.....screw it. I'm here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on.....because if you are a mom you NEED one of those. I'm here if you need a sitter, if you want to vent, rant, scream and throw your own fit. I'm here.

Instead we say, "oh tommy is being a little booger in school.....its because you aren't doing THIS or THAT right", "you DON'T spank?!", "you DO spank?!", "you should be doing this instead", "you spend too much time with your kids", "you don't spend enough time with your kids".

It's disgusting.

We find the fault in what we are all doing "wrong". And who even gets to be the one to say it's wrong in the first place? Just because we parent different, have different life styles and see things differently.......doesn't mean it's wrong. It's just....different.

So, I'm here to tell every one of you moms, that you are not only needed so much by your children, but you are doing a great job at it all! Whether you can go on every field trip, or barely find time for homework with your little the end of the day, the only thing that matters, is if your children feel loved.

Instead of having a wall put up between moms, lets break that shit down and stand TOGETHER.