Friday, March 16, 2012

Enough is enough....I have to say something.

 I have seen it time and time again, and I'm so sick of it. I'm talking about parents that DON'T participate!
 Parents at the park, sitting the entire time letting their 3, 4, and 5 year olds run wherever they want, not caring if they are out of their sight.
 Parent's at school dances, sitting the entire time, watching all the other children and a handful of parents dance too.
 Parent's that take their 3 and 4 year olds to a "parent participation" gymnastics class, sitting the entire time.

 Now, before I get a bunch of people messaging me about each topic, lets go over each of these shall we?

 First, when you take your child to the park, I know you want to see them around other children, playing and learning how to just BE around other kids. I get it. But there is a fine line......ok no, make that a huge chalky line, between "letting your kids play with others", and sitting on your bum, looking at your phone the entire time. When your child is playing with another child, you need to be only a few feet away. Enough to where both children feel "alone", but enough to hear every word that is said. You need to be close enough to stop anything that you might not like. Period. I see some of you moms out there sitting on the bench, texting or talking on the phone most of the time. I am annoyed with you and you know is your kid. When your son or daughter walks around parent less (and need I remind you, free for anyone to scoop up and take home??? UH SCARY!) he or she is seeing other moms and dads actually PLAY with their children. Believe me, it will upset them. So do us all a favor, but most of all your child. Stay near them, not only for safety, but so your child feels like you have their back. Play. It's simple. I are exhausted, and just want them to run out all of their energy, I get it. I'm tired too. Our children are our top priorities right? Well, that means you play with them. End of story.

 Next, parents that go to dances at school and sit. WHY?! I know it's not always extremely fun to stand up in front of all the other judgemental moms and dads, and dance to every single Justin Beiber song, but it's important to your kid. Yep, even those kindergartners that run around dancing silly with their friends. You think "they are fine without me dancing with them". Wrong, when they see the other moms and dads dancing, they most certainly do not think that. Get up for your kid, make a fool out of yourself and have fun. It's about making our kids smile, and their HEARTS smile. Period. It's not about what you think others will think. I mean at this point in life, does that really matter? Absolutely not. It matters what our KIDS think.

 And last but not least.....parents taking their kids to "parent participation" gymnastics classes, and never participating. I saw this happen today at Katie's first gymnastics class. I have a few problems with this. One....when you sign your kid up, they TELL you that its parent be prepared to participate. That means getting up out of that comfy metal chair, and running, laughing, skipping, and CLAPPING for your kid. Not only did I see parents sit and watch their own kids cut in line, not listen to the instructor, and be terrors, but I saw parents that never once said "good job sweetie!", "wow look at how awesome you can skip".......nothing. Why???? If your child is shy and not wanting to join in the class activity, like skipping in a circle, don't continue to try to push them into the circle of children skipping wildly. Grab their hand, and say "lets try this together, it will be fun". I can't imagine sitting at the corner of a mat, making my kid feel bad about being shy. JOIN IN PARENTS!

 What this all boils down to is two things in my opinion. Laziness, and low self confidence. I'm sure there are other reasons, but these two are always always always the ones I think of when I see these parents. Moms and Dads, I'm exhausted.....taking care of kids all day, cleaning, taking kids to and from school, meals, laundry, nap times, entertaining, errands.....we all know the list is never ending. I don't make that an excuse though. I get my ass up and do it for my kid. I play with them at the park, when I am exhausted and having awful allergies. I dance my toosh off at school dances, and I trot like nobody's business in gymnastics classes. Why? For my KIDS. I want them to see that I love them and want to do this for them. I want them to be outgoing and proud of who they are. I want them to be who they are and not be afraid to show it.

We are who are children learn SO much from. So, please, parents......stop this nonsense, and just get up. Your children will never be disappointed that you participated :)


  1. AMEN sister! As a teacher, it is crazy to see the difference between kids who have parents who do things WITH them. Not FOR them or just letting them do it alone, but participating WITH the child. And kids do care. They NEED the encouragement, the participation, the giggles with mom and dad and they thrive on it. They also watch the parents and how they interact with others. Wonder why little Tommy won't talk to others? I can almost guarantee mom or dad is in the corner texting or not paying attention when they come in to "help" with the class or during a performance. Kids watch and absorb every little thing we do, including how they themselves are treated. You nailed this post mama, NAILED it. And by you participating and being silly and embarrassing yourself at the dances or wherever you may be, it truly is making your kids' hearts happy. They will forever remember when you danced it out at the dance or they will always remember when you didn't say something they needed to hear when they were feeling down at gym class.

    Your kiddos will be (and are) very happy and will happy positive memories. Now, thats something to make YOUR heart happy!

  2. Amy I just saw this comment!! How horrible of me to not check the darn comments!! I truly from teh bottom of my heart appreciate this comment. You have no idea :) Thank you so much!!! :)