Saturday, June 30, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 5!

Here we are at day 5!! Today I have to write 5 places I'd like to visit.

1-Germany. This is my number one place, because I was born there. I have lots of pictures of me there as a baby, but I'd like to go back and take pictures now.

2-Hawaii......duh!! My 4 kids (and all the neighbor kids) keep me so busy, so when they go to bed at night, I sit and dream about being near a beautiful beach, yummy drink in hand, and nothing but the sound of the waves :)

3-Alaska. Nick and I always say we'd love to visit Alaska.

4-New Zealand. When we are old, we'd love to spend the rest of our days there!!!

5-Arizona. Even though this is at the bottom of my list, it's number one in my heart. My family is there, and that's my old stomping grounds, as my mom would say ;)

 Having so many kids, and so little time, makes me want to visit ANYWHERE truthfully lol! Well maybe not ALL places....but the pretty ones!! One day I'd love to travel around the country finding beautiful places, and I will blog from THOSE places hehe :)

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