Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 3!

Hello again! Today is day 3 of the 30 day challenge! Today says to write about your day, in great detail. Oh boy!! Here we go :)

This morning I got to sleep until 8am! I've been staying up super late so that was really nice. I realized William was still sleeping, so was Nicholas, and of course the girls were watching cartoons.
Nick and I decided to get up and enjoy some coffee outside. We usually have our coffee as we go on about our mornings, so it was great to sit in the fresh air and actually take our time with our coffee. The girl's joined us outside, playing their light brights, and messing around with the pool table in the garage. Of course I had to take a picture of them, AND our coffee mugs.
We had the monitor with us, and heard our little man wake up around 8:45, so after a diaper and outfit change, he joined us outside as well. By 9, I realized the kids were an hour and a half late for breakfast, so I dived in to making cereal, oatmeal, cut up fruit and cups of juice, water or milk.
After breakfast the girls wanted to watch a movie. Ramona and Beezus. Totally cute movie for kids, and I actually enjoy it as well. I took that time to start laundry, and the usual morning cleanup.
Nick left for school around 10:30am, and I took the kids outside to play. We set up the water table, some of the kids were playing with the pool table, and I chose to sit back, watch my kiddos and skim through my phone a bit.
We played outside until William was ready to come in....usually he gets up at 7:30am, has his first nap at 10:30am, and his second nap at 3pm. Lately however, he has been waking up later and skipping his second nap, so today we decided to let him stay up until right after lunch. Why is my son growing up so fast?? This means he is not a baby anymore :( I will miss you dearly second nap!!!
We had a picnic in the back yard for lunch. I was feeling anxious for no reason at all, so it was hard for me to really enjoy it, but my kids had no idea and that's what mattered :)
William went down for his nap right after lunch and I kicked the kids outside yet again. We set up the pool, slathered on sunscreen and they had a ball jumping fom the trampoline to the little pool....ha, reading that makes me see how dangerous that might be, but it was still fun for them :)
I decided to lay out and catch some sun, I love it so much. I am completely relaxed when laying out, and watching my kids goof off. I didn't stay out there too long, and had my tattoo completely covered. I kept freaking out that it might not be all the way covered, so I kept calling the kids over asking them "do you see ANY of my tattoo at all?!" LOL. While outside I smiled a lot. Nicholas and Laura haven't been getting along much lately, but today they did great. They decided to play "Harry Potter", and I was giggling to myself listening to them call out spells to each other. They are such cool kids!! :)
Nicholas and Laura wanted to stay outside by the pool, but I brought Katie inside for snack time, and to get out of the sun a bit. She of course wanted popcorn and another movie, and since I saw our netflix had come, I was excited to put on Mary Poppins. So the big kids came in, and we started the movie. It was an ok movie to them, they were off and on with it. It takes a bit for it to get going and they just werent interested in some of the stuff going on in the movie. So much for that!! I did laundry while they watched and some more household chores.
Movie was over, William was up from nap, and there was lots of random play in the house. I have Nicholas do "sunmer school" at home, since he school doesn't offer it, but he really needs the extra help. I had him start his spelling words, and reading, and I started dinner. Jambalya with spicy italian sausage, corn, olives, and dinner rolls. William helped me cook, with his pots and pans on the floor :)
Nick came home around 5, hugs were given, and dinner was served. After dinner we cleaned up and decided to have ice cream cones for dessert in the back yard. We also realized it was time to set our first butterfly free. He emerged fom his cacoon about 5 or so days ago, he was beautiful, but we wanted him to "live in our backyard and start a family" ;) So off he went, the kids loved seeing him fly away into the trees.
We pushed the kids on their swings, chased them through the cool grass, and Nick and I got to sit and enjoy each others company, while watching the kiddos. We played hide and seek for a good hour and then it was time for the nightly routine.
By this time, I am pretty tired. I haven't mentioned all the diaper changes, sippy cup refills, little mess clean ups, snack times, random phone calls I have to make, texts between me and my hubby, helping build towers, cuddling, and breaking up any little arguments.
So, we got the girls bathed, then William, got them all dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed. Nicholas took his shower and we all read books together before we tucked the three little ones into their beds. Nick and I pretty much collapsed onto the couch before realizing we had the end of the night cleanup to do. much cleaning!! Nicholas wanted to watch Harry Potter, so after cleaning, I grabbed some ben and jerrys (YUM!) and watched wife swap haha!
This has taken me a while to write since, I keep zoning out to the tv! Nick is next to me doing more math than I can wrap my head around......and I'm soon going to take a shower and head to bed. We have planned to go to the lake tomorrow after breakfast!
My day's are full of cleaning, outside play, making meals, crafts and fun with the kids. Today was actually a very quiet day at home. We usually have the 3 neighbor kids over most of the time who are 3, 6, and 8. The kids love to hang out together and I enjoy finding fun activities for them to do.
I'm very glad the other days on this challenge aren't like this one, lol!! I found myself SO bored just writing about what I did today, especially as today was a down day at home.

 I hope you were all able to enjoy some smiles, sunshine and sillyness during your day :)

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