Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I had no idea.....

If you are a parent, and are like me.....you now know that it's not exactly how you thought parenting would be.

I didn't think my kid's would fight as much as they do. Hearing "he looked at me", is seriously something I hear on a regular basis. My response...."close your eyes, and you can't see where he is looking". Yes, I'm that mom.

I didn't think we'd go through so much damn juice. But on that same note, I didn't think my kids (Laura) would love water as much as they do.

I didn't think I'd have to scower the internet at night for "good ways to instill discipline, and self esteem". I thought it would just all come to me when they put my first baby in my arms. I'm still waiting for it to come to me. ;)

I had no idea how often they'd need to use the restroom. I make them go before we leave the house, and it never fails....atleast one of them will "so badly need to go pee" when we get to our destination. I've realized over the years that they are like dogs.....they need to mark their teratory, and I'm just not going along for that ride. I hate public restrooms and would like to avoid them as much as possible.

I didn't even have an inkling that my 12 AND 6 year old kids would beg me for CELL PHONES. Seriously? Get a car AND a job, and you can have all the cellphones you want :)

I didn't realize that my life would revolve around meal times. It really does. Make it, serve it, clean it up, prepare for next meal. It's ridiculous. I love to cook, but the kitchen is for sure my least favorite place....I'm in there way too often!

I didn't know my kid's could be JUST LIKE ME, at the age of 3. Katie is my spitting image when it comes to her personality. She is ok with playing alone, and is very dramatic. She lets everyone know when she is tired, and needs her space often. I don't fight it like I used to. I was afraid that she wasn't social or something, but it's not the way it is. She is just happy with herself, and doesn't like too many people in her circle....she wants to watch to see who she can trust, and who doesn't matter. I think she is very wise. Just like her teacher said "we need people of all types in this world, and she is a very special type, that other's could learn from".

I had no idea that almost every waking moment would be about my children. I will be the bad mom that will be honest here. After 9 years of being a stay at home mom, there are days that I need a break from every moment being about the kids. BUT, there are also times (most times) when I absolutely love that my life is my kids. I love being a mom....their mom. I'm lucky to have this role.

I didn't think my heart could be this full. I grew up feeling loved and having love for my family, but when I became a mom, I finally felt a love that only paren't feel. I thrive on this love, like most parent's do. I had no idea it would be this amazing.

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