Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 2

Hello friends, I'm back to do day 2 of this 30 day challenge. Today say's to write 10 likes and dislikes. I will do 10 of both :) Here we go....

1-The sound of my kids happily playing together. I am sure all moms would put this at the top of their "likes list".
2-Coffee in the morning.....and afternoon ;)
3-The way I feel after a good workout.
4-The way my husband rubs my feet. Amazing :)
5-Baby kisses. I love all the kisses I get from my kids, but the kisses from my baby (who certainly is no baby anymore, at 18 months old now!) are the best!!
6-The quiet. I love noisy family functions, but I really love the quiet. I've been raising kids since I was 18, so being in the quiet is so rejuvenating to me.
7-CHOCOLATE!!!! It's a nasty obsession that I have with this evil food. I must find a way to love fresh fruit more than chocolate!
8-Taking my family to the lake. It's an absolute FAVORITE in the summer. Forget it being a like...I LOVE it.
9-All thing's girly. :)
10-Writing. It's like a therapy session for me, lol! Seriously friends, get a journal and try writing in it a couple times a week. You will feel a lot less stressed out :)

1-Most veggies. I know....bad!!
2-I I hate, that I'm so far from my mom and dad and brothers.
3-Potty training. No matter how fun I try to make it for my child, it's stressful to me!!
4-Alarm clocks. UGH!
5-Alcoholics. It really does hurt me, that I have no relationship with my own father.
6-Having to wash my face at night. I'm always exhausted by the time I make it to the bathroom, but I still drag myself to the sink, to wash away the long day on my face.
7-Having my son go to his birth mother's house on the weekends. It's a lot stronger than just a "dislike".
8-The sound of my kids arguing. HA, should have been number one right?!
9-Anxiety. Enough said.
10-Staying up late. Weird right? This week I've been up until midnight most nights, and I really hate it. I'm an old woman at heart!! ;)

There ya have it. Some of my likes and dislikes that just came to me. I'm sure each week we could all write different likes and dislikes, than the week before. Here is to hoping tomorrow I like fruit a lot more and chocolate a lot less ;)

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