Friday, June 29, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 4!

Goodmorning friends! Today is day 4 of the 30 day challenge, and it says to write the meaning behind your 'tumblr' name. Not only do I not have one, but I don't even know what it is! So instead, I will tell you the meaning behind my children and animals names ;) Close enough, right?

Let's start with Nicholas Michael. Obviously I had no part in naming him, but I do love his name. He was the start of Nick and I naming our children traditional strong names. He is named after Nick, which I will always find sweet :)

Laura Elizabeth, I came up with her name, from deaming about it. Nick and I tried for almost 3 years to get pregnant with her. One day I had a dream that I had a little baby girl and her name was Laura. Of course that stayed with me, and when I finally found out I was pregnant and, that we would be blessed with a girl, I knew immediately what her name would be. It felt like it was supposed to be 'Laura'. I thought hard about a strong middle name to go along with her beautiful first name, and came up with Elizabeth. It's very fitting to her personality.

Katelee Diane, is a very special name. They all are obviously, but her name has a special place in my heart. Nick and I came up with Kate. It's strong and pretty. I knew I wanted to add my moms middle name and Nick's moms middle name into her name somehow. It took a long time of playing with the names, befor eI got it just right. I came up with Katelee. Lee is my moms middle name. I had never heard of a Katelee before. I immediately fell in love, and we used Nick's moms middle name, Diane, as Katie's middle name. People call her Katie mostly, but I am very fond of 'Katelee', so you will hear me calling her that more frequently. Or Katie bug ;)

William Robert, was so easy for us. Nick and I love strong names (Nicholas, Laura, Kate) so William was a name we loved, years before we had kids together. I am really close to my brother Robert, so we wanted to give William my brother Robert's middle name. It fits him. I think of my brother every time William is getting into things he shouldn't be getting into! ;)

My kids have such meaningful names to me. I love every single one of them. Even if I didn't get to name Nicholas, it still would have been the name I gave to hime if he had come from my belly. :)

On to the pets of the Long family.

Lacey, our 10 year old maltese. Poor girl has had some good years. :) She is definitely showing her age nowadays. My mom had her when she was a puppy, so she came up with her name.

Pippin. Our boy cat, was first named Daisy. We thought HE was a girl, until one day I found pee in my pantry and knew immediately it was from him, and SHE was no SHE. I checked and sure enough, we had to change his name. We came up with Pippin from Lord Of The Rings.

Violet, Nicholas came up with her name when we got both cats. We wanted both names to go together, so we came up with flower names and Violet was one that we all liked! She IS still a she, so she gets to keep her name ;)

So there you have it!! The names of our little ones, and little furbabies, and the meanings behind them. I'd love to hear about your kid's names as well!

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