Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stepping back and breathing.

 I think we have all had moment's in our lives when we feel like our mind is going to explode if we don't step back and just breath. It's so hard, to do that very thing.
 My children have seemed to gang up on me this past week. It's funny that I am getting frustrated.....time to lay down the law, because we all know...."if mama ain't happy, nobody is happy!" ;)
 Today I hit my limit of I took my son out in the back yard, sat with him in my lap and enjoyed chex mix. I put my feet up on our little pool and enjoyed the shade that all our trees grace us with. I was quiet. William was quiet. It was perfect. I think he knew I needed some silence, and he was happy to oblige.
 About 5 minutes of that pure joy went by and I hear tapping on my back slider door. I look up and there are my two crazy girls, giggling themselves into oblivion. I laughed. Even when I remove myself from the situation, my little shadows are always lurking. It's hard to stay angry with them they joined us, and what was once a quiet moment, turned into a family fun evening of catching frogs, and sharing smiles.
 It was just what I needed. I needed the quiet to gather myself, before my kids took me on yet another whirlwind of bug catching, pool splashing fun!
 So, the next time you are over your head in stress, anger, or frustration, remove yourself for 5 minutes. Feel the sunshine, and just breath. And if you are as lucky as I am.....have your little boy join you with a snack. It's the best medicine :)

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