Thursday, May 31, 2012

You CAN actually have happy kids, AND a clean house.

 I think we've all hit the "like" button on a post we see on facebook, that read something like "My house is dirty, but my kids are happy". Or " A clean house is a wasted life". I'll admit to hitting the like button in my I HATE CLEANING haste. I came across a picture of this tonight while on pinterest, and it got me thinking.
 Uh......WHY can't you have a clean house AND happy kids? And HOW is a clean house a wasted life? Seriously, I don't want my kids growing up in a dirty, cluttered germ infested home. Playing with these kids is not ALL they need. And I've noticed the people posting these things, are the ones posting many many times a day. I'm not judging, spend all day online, whatever, but why not spend some of the time cleaning instead of facebooking?
 I have 4 kids, I have errands to run, meals to make, workouts to do, appointments, the list goes on and CLEANING is on the top of my list daily. Why? Because my kids deserve a clean home. They learn how to be clean by seeing ME clean.
 A clean house is a wasted life? ATTENTION......YOU CAN'T POST THAT IF YOU SPEND MOST OF YOUR TIME PARTYING, ONLINE, OR SHOPPING WITHOUT YOUR KIDS!!!!!! Phew....I just had to get that off my chest. Let's just call it like it is....."A clean house means I have to get off my ass and turn off the computer". If you are going to post these things, then PLEASE post about spending time with your family, so it actually evens out a bit.
 Your kids can't possibly be completely happy with a dirty house. I won't even entertain the idea of any child growing up in a cluttered messy house, being 100% happy. In my opinion it can't happen. Kids' don't care? Yes they do. My kids make messes that a tornado would be jealous of, but they NOTICE it. They say something about it, and get to cleaning. I've had sick days when Nick was at work or school, and cleaning didn't happen at all that day. Dishes piled up in the sink, toys were everywhere, clothes thrown about, and my kids noticed. They would make comments about the house being messy. Not rudely, just noticing. So when a parent tells me that kid's don't care, or's a lie. They do notice. They notice a parent cleaning the house. I always saw my mom cleaning when I was little and I felt respect for my mom. She wanted to keep our house clean, for not only her, but the kids.
 So I certainly won't be posting or "liking" and posts about "my house is a mess, but my kids are happy". I just don't agree with it. I play with my kids for hours and hours EVERY day.....and my house is very clean. If I can do can YOU!

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