Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunshine, picnics, and water balloons!

 Just as I thought I couldn't take another day of rain, the sun came shinning through the clouds, and has been for weeks now! YAY!!!!
 I grew up in Arizona, so I'm used to sunshine pretty much all year round. The rain during the winter here in Redding, puts me in a negative mood honestly. I don't like it. It's depressing to know the sun is hiding behind a thick blanket of clouds, day after day. So when spring hits, and the rain fades, you can find me outside most days.
 I love it. I grew up playing outside all day, until my mom MADE me come inside to eat. I remember using my imagination, and I often see that is lost on youngsters these days. It's awful to see a 6 year old child, sitting on the curb playing an ipod. Is it ipad? I don't even know. I hate technology honestly. I hate that it has consumed the youth of this generation. I was lucky to grow up with my mom making me use my brain, play with friends, have fun and come up with our own games. I can now at 27 use technology, like my new phone (which I have to admit, I am totally excited about) and not get consumed in it, and lose having a REAL life.
 My kids know that now that school is almost out, and they don't have any homework, when they get home it's snack time out in the grass. I lay out a big blanket, and they get to pick from the pre-approved snack bucket. Yes...when you have four kids, it's no longer a bowl....but a bucket. :)
 We enjoy our snack laying in the grass and talking about our day. Snack time doesn't last long though, they are eager to pull out the bikes, scooter, water table, and water balloons. Why is it that as soon as we open our garage, it's like an alarm to all the neighborhood kids that we are out and play is on!? LOL, I must admit, that I do enjoy having the "fun house" in the neighborhood. I grew up with the house that all my friends wanted to be at, and I love that its the same way for my kids.
 WE usually have three other children join our outside antics, and it lasts for hours upon hours.Recently Nick became a little burnt out from all the outside play. I can understand that, he needs time in the house without a ton of children raiding our garage for outside toys, and begging for "another  push on the swing", or having 4 children at once saying "watch ME!". I get it. He loves to play with our kids outside, but he needs down time sometimes as well. But I can't say I get burnt out from it. THIS is what I've wanted. I WANT to be outside with my kids, as long as I can be. Playing, and letting them play.
 I've noticed that if we have a quiet day in the's not really quiet. The kids are getting frustrated with each other, fighting, and honestly....I get frustrated with them too. So, outside play is usually on our daily activity list. There is so much for them to do, and seeing them use their imagination, without a tv or iwhateveryoucallit, makes me feel like I'm doing my job as their mother. I'm giving them what I was given by my own mother. A personality, an opinion, friends, and what I think so many forget is so imagination.
 So friends, this summer I encourage all of you to take your kids outside, with or without toys. It doesn't will find that being outside in the sunshine will bring you and your kids closer, and they will truly thank you when they are older. :)

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