Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Katie!!!

Each year that passes, I am astounded with how quickly the past year has gone. Katie, you have grown with leaps and bounds this year. Not only have you become more independent, but you've become more outgoing. You are blossoming into this amazing little girl that truly puts a smile not only on my face, but in my heart.

I love to write these letters to you every single year, on your birthday, but I often wonder if you will get sick of hearing about the line on your nose that I MUST mention, in each letter. You will understand when you have a baby of your own, and he or she has a sweet little birth mark. You will then see how special it is to you. The first thing I noticed when the doctor put you in my arms for the first time, after I said "IT'S A GIRL!", was your precious lips and the perfect little line on the tip of your nose. You still have it, and I make sure of it often. I don't think anyone else notices this little line, but I do. I see it all the time, when you laugh or are telling me a serious story about your day. That little line represents innocence. It reminds me of the tiny little baby you once were.....and shows me how much you are growing now. I hope you always let me kiss that little line on your nose....even if you do think I'm the weirdest mom ever, for wanting to kiss you nose in the first place! ;)

Today when you were at school, I was remembering all these little memories with you. You were such an amazing baby. You were happy all the time, just smiling away. We could tell you were very unique from the moment you came into the world with a sneeze, instead of a cry. No....I'm never going to let you forget that either!

I remember your first slept in. We were all so excited, and awake at 6am! We couldn't wait to open presents, but in your unique Katie were fine with waiting until 10am! You do stuff like this often. You've always known when you needed quiet time to yourself. You are the only child I've ever known that tells me "I want to play alone so I can rest"......I admire that about you. You know what you need, and want, and you aren't afraid to ask for it. I hope that never changes. Don't ever be afraid to stand up for what you want, and to go after what you need!

You have been an amazing little AND big sister. You make my heart literally glow, when I see you being so motherly to William. It's so natural to you. You want to make everyone happy. You will share everything, give everyone your favorite toys, just to make them smile, and even at times, take blame for something you never did.....just so you can keep the peace. You are a wise little soul....but I want you to remember that you can't make everyone happy all the time. It's ok to be selfish sometimes, and take the good toy. ;)

You are in kindergarten now and making me more and more proud! You are learning to read sight words, and LOVE IT! I love that you adore reading, and I hope you always want me to cuddle with you to tell you a bed time story. You are learning so much right now and each day when you come home from school, you can't wait to share all your new knowledge with me......please don't ever stop doing that!

You have taught me so much in the past 5 years Katie. You've taught me to stay true to my heart. To remember that people are all different, yet special and unique in our own ways....and that is GREAT! You've taught me to slow leave the cleaning, and play barbies instead. You've taught me that asking questions about everything possible, is the best way to learn. You've taught me that as your mother, I am beyond blessed to have you and your brother's and sister, as my babies.

Katie, thank you for always being the sweet, cheerful girl that brightens every single day. For the huge hugs in the mornings, afternoons, and nights, and for always finding a positive in any situation.

I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday!

Love, Mommy.


Let's look back at the last 5 years!!

                                                        You in mommy's belly.
Just born! One of the first pictures taken of you.
Two weeks old. So beautiful.

Your FIRST birthday!!

Your SECOND birthday!!

Your THIRD birthday!!

Your FOURTH birthday!!


I love you Katelee. Love Mommy.

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