Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A day in the life....

I woke up today, like I do most day's.....running the list through my head of drop off times, pick up times, is today my volunteer day, what errands do I need to run, what am I cleaning today, how many loads of laundry do I have, and the dreaded.....what will I make for dinner?

We all have the list that we go through. Whether you work, stay at home, or whatever, its an on going "life list". Our lists leave us overwhelmed, frustrated and sometimes, or better yet, hopefully most of the times, feeling satisfied with the lives we have chosen.

My lists lately have been so long and so never ending, that I forget where to start. Making me start new lists just for my old lists :) We have 5 birthdays between now and Christmas (counting mine), Halloween, Thanksgiving, school parties, field trips, appointments, school projects, a trip for me to AZ, anniversaries, and much much more. Here I am making an entirely new list.

I have all 4 of my children, born 6 days apart from one of their siblings. Katie is September 30th and Nicholas is October 6th. Then William is December 8th, and Laura is December 15th. Sigh......why didn't we plan that better? ;)

This time of year is my absolute favorite though. I am extremely busy with all of the above and I thrive off of it. I was totally meant to be a hands on mama! I love getting birthday parties together and setting up for the holidays. I've always said I LOVE summer, but I think fall is my favorite. The weather becomes cooler, and the coffee seems to smell better :)

I hope your lives are full and happy, especially this time of year. Let's grab our coffee's, tea's, or cocoa's and enjoy the beautiful mornings together. Whether we are all near or far, smile and soak up the beautiful days.

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