Monday, August 25, 2014

Overwhemled = Just another side effect of having kids.

Do you ever wonder how well other people really "have it all together"? I do. Sometimes I am at the store and see other parents walk around the store so effortlessly with quiet kids, NO LIST, and a cart full of healthy foods. HOW?!

I feel frazzled and overwhelmed many of my days, and then I do other people think of me? Do I come off as overwhelmed as I feel? Hmm.. I guess it wouldn't be a bad thing. I mean, if you have kids I would bet just about anything that you've felt overwhelmed and at your wits end, at some point. If not.....teach me!

I love my kids and seriously have always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I do love it. But there is and probably always will be a part of me that feels....flustered. Overwhelmed. Tired. Oh so tired.

What makes things worse is when you have had your kids at school all day, and they come home and fight, argue, whine. You name it. They are tired....I totally get it. They need to kind of unload all of what has been bottled up all day. Believe me....I GET IT. I can't help but immediately feeling frustrated, and then I begin the bedtime countdown. :/

Sigh.....I guess we all have these days. It feels like the day has already been long, and you are so over the day to day stuff, but kids don't care. They aren't really supposed to, so I can't blame them. But I'd do anything for one completely easy, calm, quiet, day.

I guess being overwhelmed is just one more "side effect" of having kids, just like being completely ready for bed by 8pm!

If you are having a rough day too, then I am sending you my biggest hugs, and an understanding smile.

Here's to tomorrow being amazing, stress free and just a little more quiet than today.


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