Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Where is the off button!?

I'm not sure if I'm getting old, if I'm losing patience, or if I've just been a mom for so long now, that I literally have prayed for an off button for my kids.

I love them, you know I do....but an off button would really make this shit a lot easier. 

Bedtime is a damn life saver. Could you imagine if they never....ever slept!? Ahh!!! I know I know.....stop thinking about it...it's terrifying. 

There is that time right after school, between 2:30 and 4pm when all hell breaks loose. They've been perfect little students all day. Sweet, well mannered, rule abiding students for 6 hours. God forbid they come home and be just as sweet for 5 minutes longer. 

Nope...it can't happen. They've held in their evil far too long. So I get the brunt of their said evil. 

This is when an off button...or shit...pause for that matter....would be real damn swell. 

I made these little people though, so I'll keep them....but you bet you sweet bippy I'm going to be rich and famous one day for inventing an off, pause or MUTE button for children.

Thank me later! ;)


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