Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where are the parents??

I've got a bone to pick with a lot of parents.

I can't count how many times I have driven down a busy street, and see 5, 6, 7 year old kids walking home from school. Alone. Am I a helicopter parent, or am I right to feel that at that age and in THIS day, it's a little crazy? I can't imagine letting Laura walk home....from anywhere, except the neighbors lol! Kids now days are taken too often.

I try to think outside of my own little mind.....maybe the parents have to work. Well then why not have a friend or family member pick the kid up? Maybe it's a single parent, or a couple that is new to town? No, I'm sorry, I can't find any reason when a parent would let a child that young walk home alone, and it be ok. I just can't. Call me judgemental, but it's lazy in my opinion.

Today, I went to my son's middle school, and spent two periods sitting in class with him. Not only was I pretty surprised at the way girls dressed, but I was surprised that it seemed OK, to the staff. Where are the parents??? Ok, you have to rush out of the house in the AM, not seeing what your child wears to school, I get it. Why are you allowing those clothing items in your home in the first place? You don't have to fear them wearing them if they aren't in their closets.

I'm NOT saying everyone should raise their children the way I raise mine. Or dress them the way I dress mine. I AM however saying.....why aren't we teaching our daughters to dress with self respect?

It's a shame, to see a 12 year old with short shorts, knee highs, high heels, and a skin tight top.

Moms.....and I am addressing moms, because I honestly feel that women can relate to their daughters better, when it comes to fashion. You can let your daughters have a sense of style, their OWN style, and still have them look age appropriate. How can we let our kids leave the house and not ever think about disgusting men starring at their 12 year olds as they cross the cross walk? It happens. I see it DAILY as I drop my son off at school. I see girls carrying purses, wearing little tops and tie's. It's sad to me. How did our tweens and NEW teens grow up into their 20's so quickly? Why are we allowing it?

I remember being in middle school, and call me a nerd (I probably was) but I still wore Winnie the pooh leggings. No, I'm not making that up. :) I had a wonderful time in middle school, and not an ounce of it was focused on what I wore. I get that kids are "different" now, but they don't have to be.

I certainly understand that Winnie the pooh is out (I still like it though, haha!), and fashion is bigger at this age, but we need to SHOW our tweens, who I need to add are in a crucial point in their lives, that they CAN dress their age, and look cute.

My mom let me pick out whatever I wanted at the store.....as long as it wasn't too short, no heals, and nothing too tight. I thought that was fair. She was allowing me to find my own style, yet setting a boundary that I still carry with me today.

Mom's, please take a moment to look at your daughter before sending her to school. She will thank you one day, I promise.

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