Sunday, January 6, 2013

William the big boy!!

I have realized over the last several months, that my life is revolving around pee. Yes, you read that right. Child pee, to be clear.

William decided he was ready to potty train all on his own, not caring to take pointers from wise ol' mom and dad. No, he had it all figured out on his own. He just controls how often we stop what we are doing, to assist him to the restroom, and up onto the big potty. He still does need mama after all :)

Everywhere we go I must bring extra undies JUST IN CASE. He hasn't had an accident while we are out of the house at all....but I still bring them along. He is a boy, and thus sometimes pushes off having to pee and ends up doing what I call a little jig, to wait even longer. He's had 2 accidents that way. He is then mortified and completely upset with himself if that happens, so he is pretty good about yelling out "PEE!!" when he needs to go.

He wears undies all day, even during naptime, and pullups at bedtime. He's been keeping his pullups completely dry at night, even waking up to yell "MOM!! PEE!". It's truly amazing. He's 2 for goodness sake. Honestly I wasn't going to start potty training him until about 2 and a half or maybe even a little older. I've heard so many horror stories of boys taking FOREVER to potty train and just not wanting to do it at all. But William walks to the beat of his own drum, like all of my kids, and decided he wanted to impress mommy.

Last night we hesitantly put him in bed with undies instead of pullups. Nick was less hesitant than I was. I on the other hand have absolutely no desire to wake up in the middle of the nights, needing to change wet sheets. :/

I slept with one eye open it seems, waiting to hear one sound from him so I could rush him to the potty, just to avoid changing sheets at 3am. He didn't wake up until 7:30am. He was definitely needing to pee by then, and daddy decided to get up with him.....but took maybe a couple minutes too long to get the poor boy, and he had a couple drips in his undies. But they weren't WET, he didn't soak to his pj's or anything. He slept through the night without peeing in his undies!!!!!! YAY....all of you moms know how big of an accomplishment this is!!! We are a diaper/pullups free home!!!!!! It's amazing!!!

And so, my life still revolves around pee......because it seems as though the past 6 years, I've always been potty training one of my children. I don't mind, because this means my children are growing. They are reaching great milestones and I'm so proud!

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