Monday, April 1, 2013

Putting life into perspective.

Life seems to turn into this big blur of doing all of our daily tasks. Stress, school, cleaning, bills, AHH! It goes on and on. Until something happens to make you stop. It makes you think, and realize that life is so so so much more than all of those LITTLE things. It's about family.

Nick's grandma Long passed away recently. We knew it was coming a couple weeks before when she found out she had cancer. When we heard that news, we were saddened. She is such an amazing person. Why anyone....but mostly....why HER? Why?

It was hard for all of us to watch her fight it. It was so hard to see her laying there, without any way to communicate to us. She had so much family around her. So many people that LOVE her, that wanted to make sure she knew that we all love her. We wanted to make sure she knew that WE knew, how much she loved all of us.

We visited her daily. Twice a day. Once in the morning, with Katie and William, and then around dinner time with all of the kids. Everyone brought food, but more importantly everyone brought love. Love for one another, love for Grandma, and a new love for life.

Seeing all those people, all those tears on the day she passed away, made my heart cry, but it made me see all of the love that was there.

She showed us all that life is so fragile. When you lose someone you love, it hurts, but it reminds you to slow down. Enjoy everything. Enjoy the people in your life. Care less about things, and more about love and people. Those are the things that really matter. Those are the only things that are worth anything at all.

Grandma will be deeply missed by everyone that had the pleasure of knowing her. She touched many people's lives. She was amazing with our children, gave the sweetest advice, and had an unforgettable sense of humor.

I learned a lot from her, as did my husband and our 4 children. The memories we made with her will always be with us. She will always be with us, in our hearts.

Rest in peace Grandma Long. You will be missed and loved forever. Thank you for all the laughs and smiles you shared with us. Thank you for loving us no matter what we did, or what choices we made. Thank you for carring about us, and our children. We will cherish every memory we have with you. We all love you.


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