Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My little unique love.

If I talk to you regularly, you know my daughter Katie is completely different than my other 3 children. She's unique. They all are, yes, but she's EXTRA unique.

She has a way of living her life, almost as if we live in HER world. She has an agenda here on earth, and I'm not yet sure what that is beyond making others smile, and filling my life with joy, but I will figure it out someday.

She is my ONLY child that REQUIRES down time. Alone. She needs time by herself, and will even go as far as to ask me to leave her room so she can play. There was a time that it scared me. What was I doing wrong? Is it ok that my child wants to be alone sometimes? Is there something wrong with her?

Nope. She's perfect. I learned from her teacher (who absolutely adores my child!) that we need all types of people on this Earth. We need people like Katie, to balance everything out.

I'm lucky really. I have 4 kids and they are all exactly opposite of each other. Yet the same. HAHA! You get what I'm saying.

Katie will ignore me, and everyone else in the world when she has had enough of whatever is going on, is embarrassed, is thinking, or just has no desire to please anyone around her. She's real. And I love it. I'm having lots of talks with her about how ignoring people can hurt their feelings. But I catch myself thinking.....maybe she is on to something. Maybe instead of having a meltdown about something, she closes herself off to everyone and in a just taking a deep breath.

What I love most about Katie is she isn't afraid to SAY WHAT SHE WANTS. She's not fake. She will tell you that she wants to be in her pj's with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips and fruit for lunch, she will say she needs juice or water in a cup with a straw, and she wants her little blanket (a baby blanket she's had since she was born), on the couch with her.

I guess I just love that she KNOWS what she wants. She's not wishy washy, she's not indecisive. She has a clear plan everyday, and she is not afraid to tell you!

Every day I learn more and more from that little girl, and I'm so excited to see what she does with her life. I know it will be something big!  <3

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