Monday, May 20, 2013

Nobody has it all figured out.

There are days that I go to bed feeling like I did a great job as a mom. I fixed any problem that was thrown my way, I caught a tantrum before it happened and redirected my child, I made all the meals the way I wanted, I cleaned like damn super woman, the kids played nicely, no attitudes......ahhh :) It's awesome.

Then some days I put my kids to bed and sit in my living room, starring at the tv, yet in a complete daze as to how I even got through the day. Today is that day.

I have amazing kids. Amazing kids that are amazingly human and have tantrums, attitudes, and argue with each other....and me. Some days I run through the list of "say this when your child has a tantrum, argues, has attitude, screams, hits....etc.", and NOTHING works. Its like I sit there looking at my child thinking, I JUST WENT THROUGH EVERYTHING I'VE GOT, AND YOU ARE STILL GOING?! What now?!

I'm struggling with my youngest right now. He wants to do everything his older siblings do. He is extremely close with Katie, and loves to play with her toys with her, but he is learning to SHARE right now. Sigh.....teaching these life long lessons aren't always fun! I am trying to respect Katie, and not make her have to share EVERYTHING, but William doesn't get it.

He has heard the word "dummy" and latched on to that sucker! I have heard the word dummy EVERY time he was upset today. Nick reminds me to ignore it, but my mind is screaming at me "don't let your baby turn into that kid that calls names!", but everything I'm trying isn't working.

Tomorrow is a new day.....a day I will wake up and remind myself that my son is learning so much at all times, and hopefully us making a HUGE deal out of the word "goofball" tonight will sink into his head, and he will ditch the dummy word. I'm not sure what bothers me so much about it, but I just don't like it. Maybe it's the fact that my 2 year old says it at the right time? How does he know that saying dummy when he doesn't get his way, is the appropriate time? I KNOW it's not appropriate.....obviously, but you get what I'm saying.

So, I'm learning that I can't have it "all figured out" ALL the time. ;) But it's nice to feel like it sometimes.


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