Sunday, August 21, 2011

School is back in session!

Most of my mommy friends know how exciting this time of year is. They also know how emotional, scary, and nerve wracking it is!
 My three older kids (Nicholas, Laura and Katie) started their first day of 6th, kindergarten and preschool, last Thursday. Oh certainly was an adventure! Of course I was a basket case. I knew I might shed some tears, but the entire day I had to be strong and try not to cry (even though it didn't work so well). As soon as we put all of our kids to bed that night, I bawled like a baby!
 I cried when I put Nicholas in preschool. I cried when Laura started preschool, but this time I had three of my children all starting these big milestones.
 6th grade is middle school here in Redding, and this was a whole new world for Nicholas. I was and still am super excited for him. I know just how much he will grow and learn this year. I cannot believe my little boy is in 6th grade. I remember him being three years old and meeting him for the first time. The first time he called me mommy, and the first time I accepted being called mommy. Seeing him off to middle school is just amazing for me. I am so proud of him.
 Laura starting kindergarten was and is mostly nerve wracking for me. She now is at school for a lot longer than the preschool 3 hours, she rides the bus to and from school (AHHH!!!) and now eats lunch at school. All these things had me worry from the start! I am so protective of my children and to feel like one of my babies might feel scared or nervous, breaks my heart. Laura was excited for her first day of school, but sure enough....she had a kind of bummer experience. She didnt get to sit next to her friends at lunch, and cried. Nobody came to help her. This story shook me. Being a mom, of course I picture my little girl sitting there crying and everyone ignoring her. I wish I could have been there for her. When she told me this happened it took all I had not to cry in front of her. She is my first born.....all of my children are special and dear to me. But I have a special bond with Laura. I always have. Her second day did go much much better.....I needed to hear that so badly! Believe me, my husband knows! LOL. I am super proud of her for keeping a positive attitude and wanting to go back!
 Katie bug started PRESCHOOL!!!!! She is of course the youngest in her class, with only turning 3 next month. You wouldn't be able to tell that she is the youngest (except for how little she is). She gets right in there with all the others and has fun. She has always been our leader. She has a special personality, that we truly cherish. I was worried to be away from her though. She has never even gone to a baby sitter lol. She was strong and brave from the minute we stepped into her class. Wow....she just made me proud of her immediately.
Thursday and Friday were two very hard days for me. For several reasons. I learned to always be strong and believe that my children will be ok. They too have to go through moments in their lives where they will learn to be brave, to speak up, to be strong. I worry so much over all 4 of my children. I just want them to be happy. Life is not always full of happy moments, and that is ok. This is how we learn and grow. I have to let my children have these expiriences where they might feel nervous or scared. It doesn't make it easy for me....but I'm learning :)

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