Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I need to leave myself a note!

 Everyday, I make Laura's lunch for school. She is in kindergarten and I just don't feel comfortable with her buying school lunch yet. I don't think she is missing out on much though! ;)
 I make sure she has plenty of choices in her lunch box, a juice box and the most important thing....a note. I write her little notes from mommy each day on her napkin. It makes her feel good and lets her know I'm at home thinking about her.
 She has absolutely loved finding the notes each day and even brings them back home so she can show me that she found it. :) I love it. It is just something we do.
 Today however, I forgot. No other excuse. I feel badly about it and am now sitting here feeling like she will be upset that I didn't leave her the 'mommy loves you' note, like I always do.
 I've been very sick for a while now....leaving me with a bad sinus infection. Not to mention, my 2 year old and 8 month old are both sick as well. I've been running around like a crazy woman trying to keep up with everything I need to get done and all the kids, all while trying to find time to blow my nose without crying from the pain.
 Today was an off morning for me. I needed Nick to take the kids to their bus stop since I don't feel good and would prefer not to walk down the street while looking like I've been crying for days (thanks sinus infection for making me look like this!). I made Laura's lunch this morning, which I normally do at night so it has a chance to cool, but realized we were out of juice boxes. UGH!! Why today?! Quickly I made a plan....I would make her entire lunch put it in the fridge and Nick would run out to get juice boxes before he brought Katie to school. He would then bring Laura's lunch, cold and with juice box, to Laura's class.
 YES! Mommy is awesome and fixes it all, even while being sick! I rule!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure remembered that juice box, but didn't remember the note. :(
 The little things I do with my kids, mean so much to me. They might mean more to me than they do to my kids. Seriously. I pride myself on doing little things for my family. When I forget these things, I beat myself up over it. Hence, this blog ;)
 Little kids don't understand "mommy forgot because there was so much going on, and I'm exhausted". They sure do understand "why didn't you clean your room?", "I forgot!" though. This is why it bugs me that I forget things sometimes. Kids remember EVERYTHING (unless its the cleaning their room! HA!).
 Hopefully she will realize that there in no note to be found because I'm sick and we had an off morning with having to bring her lunch to school for her. Hopefully she will understand that mommy forgets things too. I'm only human and I have a lot to remember.
 Maybe I should write myself a note, reminding me to leave her a note.


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