Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Those little moments of pure bliss.

 Each morning after I take Nicholas and Laura to their bus stop, I take William for a walk around our neighborhood.
 It's been cool in the mornings lately, which thrills me! What I love the most though is the quiet, and watching William look around in completely amazement. Watching as cars drive by, birds flying, stray cats running about. HAHA!
 This world is beautiful, but to see it through my small sons eyes, makes everything seem even more beautiful. He sees everything as great, happy, exciting. As a mother, I try to see things this way as well. Lets be honest though.....those day of ALWAYS being happy, and excited don't always happen. Life seems to clutter itself with laundry, cleaning, cooking.....those household duties that never end. William however, reminds me to really look at things, and to see the excitement in everything. William could sit for a long time just watching a tree as the wind blows the leaves around. I don't always do that. I will get frustrated that the wind is blowing my hair in my face as I try to corral four kids into our truck!
 Today though, I appreciated it. William was happy as we went on our errands, happy to have the wind blowing on him.
 My kids have taught me more than anyone to appreciate the little things. These things are so little, yet so important.

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