Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where did my baby go??

 As a stay at home mom, I am blessed to be here for each and every milestone, all the good times and bad.
 But sometimes' I'm not ready for the milestones my kids make. William is almost 100% potty trained. He is in underwear all day, even when we go out, and has no accidents. He only wears pullups to bed. I wasn't ready for this. I know this will sound completely crazy, but it makes me sad. I know, I can a mother be sad about ditching the diapers?! I'm not sad about that part, I'm just sad that he's growing up so quickly.
 He's my last baby. It hurts sometimes to see him growing so quickly, and I feel as though its going faster with him, than it did with any of my other children.
 William is smart, and wants to be a big kid, just like his bog brother and big sisters. He was completely ready to ditch the diapers when he realized everyone else in the family, uses the potty.
 Mommy on the other hand, wanted to feel like she still has a baby....hence why he is still in the crib :) Something I can control for now....until he decides to climb out :/ He runs, and uses so many words now, he has a sense of humor that keeps us smiling, and simply wants to impress those that love him. He has just about no sign of being a baby anymore.
 As a matter of fact, the only thing that makes me feel as though he has some baby left in him, are the 20 minutes after every nap. Those 20 minutes, the only thing my boy wants, is his blanket, and for mama to rock him. That's it. He's used to it. I've been doing that since he was born and he still loves it :) I do too. Most days I need to be doing something during that time, but I've learned this past year to truly slow down. I enjoy those 20 minutes of sitting with him. I rock him, have quiet conversations with him......always asking "did you have a good nap?" and his response is always the same....a smile and a head nod. Too sleepy still to actually speak :)
 I think as you have more and more children, you learn to enjoy EVERY thing, more and more. You realize that the baby years are so short, and they wont always want to cuddle as much as NOW. You let them do the thing's that will take forever, because it won't always be this way. We wont get to have the opportunity to play cars on the living room floor, when he's 16. He won't want to play hide and seek, and giggle with delight when mommy just "can't find him anywhere", when he is in high school. He will want to do things more independently when he is older. That time happens so quickly. So I am enjoying the small things now. Making the memories, and writing them down so I don't forget them. That happens too...and I'm here to tell you, the more children you have, the more you forget things. I'm only 28 and I forget things that happened 5 years ago. My brain is just so full!
 So my friends....when you are getting frustrated that your baby won't sleep at night, kiss them and remind yourself....this won't last forever. I did that when I was up all night with my babies ;)
 When your child wants to take longer in the store because they want to help put EVERYTHING in the cart, remember that one day they wont want to go to the store with you....LOL, I know that is kind of a dream for us moms right now, but believe will still want them to tag along when they are older, with better things to do with their time. :) So, for now, while my kids are still kids, I am enjoying them. The good, the bad and the not so fun moments....they all will make memories that I will smile back on :)

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