Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"One of those days"

If you are a human being, you have had "one of those days". It's when things go wrong every chance they get, you seem to feel crummy all day, and the day is NEVER ENDING! BUT, if you have children, its different. Yes, we decided to have children, they are loved and we are happy that we have all these little blessings around us, but believe it or not, we get the "one of those days" too.

For me, these days are super hard. The kids seem to have lost their ears, yet can still hear each other when they are arguing. Nap time is never long on these days, and you are ALWAYS out of the little things that might make you feel better.....like coffee. If you are having one of those days, and don't have coffee, I will pray for you! ;)

When you are a parent, and having one of those days, you feel alone. Nobody understands. THAT is the hardest part. Especially if you are a stay at home parent.

I've had many many days that I felt jealous of Nick. That he got to be out of the house, that he got to socialize with people over the age of 5. Again, YES I chose this. Can't I have bad days too though? Which is an entire different post....but as parents, we need to stick together. Working or not, we have bad days, and shouldn't have to have a disclaimer for our feelings.

What I have found that works, is a movie. Seriously. I put a movie on for the kids, make some popcorn, and then I sit in the kitchen alone, with some coffee (unless I'm out, then I will enjoy a shot or two! JUST KIDDING!!!). Those few minutes that I have to think to myself and get myself together, are vital on bad days.

So to my friends and family going through a bad day....which since I have many many mommy friends, each day is a bad day for another mommy. I'm sending you hugs. Take a breath, remember that bed time ALWAYS comes, and you are SO important in this world. :)


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