Saturday, October 15, 2011

And then there were two...

 Nick and I rarely get to go out on dates. I mean RARELY. The only time we get alone together is when the kids are in bed. By that time we are both exhausted or want to just sit and play on the computer or watch tv. I know you are all nodding your go through this too!
 We had a chance to on a date this past Friday. We took the kids to Nick's parents house at 4:30, and pretty much ran to our truck to start our date. First we drove around....crap....we haven't had a chance to actually PLAN the date. So, we went to Red Lobster where we have always had wonderful service and the food....I don't need to mention the food. DELISH! Nick got the endless shrimp...which was a TON of food, and I ordered the peppercorn steak and shrimp. Wow.....I waited all week for that meal! I'm on a diet trying to lose this baby weight and it was HEAVEN to be able to eat that meal with no guilt.
 We sat and talked, and just enjoyed each others company....and the FOOD! To sit and be able to actually pay attention without hushing one kid, helping another eat their food, grabbing a napkin for another and reminding one of their manners.....priceless.
 We don't get to experience that often!
 Nick spoke...a lot. ;) He always does. This time however, I was so happy to actually hear him. He loves telling me about everything he has done during the day, or new things going on in the video game or movie world. Sometimes he confuses me....but most of the time I am a good wife, and listen to his stories. I love to watch him when he is telling me stuff.....he gets so into his story. :)
 Anyways, after our amazing meal, and even more amazing service, we decided to grab some coffee from our favorite coffee shop, and go to the Sundial Bridge. We walked around together, hand in hand....again another rare occasion with so many kids! Lots of couples were walking the bridge as well....enjoying the sunset and peaceful evening.
 We sat at a cute bench and watched the river and all the people walking around. We wished our time would stop going so fast. Why does that always happen? Soon we realized we needed to get back to reality. We walked back to our truck....slowly. I wonder if we both purposely were walking slow to make the date last longer. Hmm :)
 On our way to get our little ones, we both told each other how nice it was to be with each other and to spend time for our marriage.
 At the doorstep of Nick's parents house we were greeted by our little princess's. They of course were excited to see us, and we were excited to see them as well. Absence really does make the heart grow stronger. :) We got our kiddos home and into bed, and were able to sit with each other to end our date.
 I think we both realized how important it is to focus on our marriage. We are an amazing parenting team....but we can't forget that we are also a couple. We are married and in love and we need to be able to concentrate on that sometimes......more than sometimes.
 So, we had a great evening as a couple, and not parents. We have promised each other to make sure we can do that more often.
 Funny we sat at the sundial bridge, we decided to bring the kids there the very next day. ;) We get to be without kids, and there we are....making plans for our kids. LOL!

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