Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Nicholas!!

Oh my goodness!!!! 12 YEARS?!?!! HOW?
 Nicholas we have come so far. So many years, so many hugs, I love yous, milestones and challenges. It's amazing to see how much you have grown up over the last 9 years.
 I was blessed to become your mom when you were only three, and I was only 18. I didn't know where life would take us as mother and son. All I knew was that I would always be here for you. That I had gained a son. A little boy that only wanted love and guidance. I tried my best at 18 to provide you with those things. I hope you feel that I have succeeded at this.
 I was blessed to see every milestone that is so important to a mother. Your first sentence, the first time you rode a bike, every first day of school, when you learned to spell your name. Wow I remember that like it was yesterday. You were in kindergarten and as I drove you home you said "I can spell my name now....n-i-c-h-o-l-a-s." I started to cry. I was so proud of you Nicholas. I know you still remember what we did. We went straight home and made a cake to celebrate. Dad and I were so proud that you learned to spell your name! You were proud of yourself.
 I remember the first time you rode a bike without training wheels, and the first time you went to the park without me. I worried like crazy until you came back home.
 I remember the first time you rode the bus. I walked you to the bus stop every morning and waited for you at the bus stop when you came home. Your little face was so excited to see me there waiting day after day.
 I remember when you dealt with bullies in third grade. You came through the front door in tears. I had never seen you that way. I was folding laundry on the couch and I immediately ran to you. I knew who the boys were, so I took off.....bare foot, running down the sidewalk to give them a piece of my mind. I had so much anger, knowing you were being teased. I wanted to protect you. I still do.
 I remember all our trips to the zoo, the movies, the mall, the park. Just us two, when dad was at work. We had so much fun staying busy. So many crafts and lots and lots of swimming. Do you remember when we taught you to swim? I do. It took you a while to grasp it. You were afraid, but you stuck with it. I stuck by your side and you got it. :) We knew you would.
 I remember the first time (and every time) that you flew alone. It killed me every time. You know that. I tried not to let it show, but it was hard for me.
 Recently you went to your first school dance. That was so wonderful to see. You talked about it for many days following.
 Dad and I gave you 3 little siblings and you have always been so gentle and loving. It's hard now that Laura is growing up....she wants to be your shadow and you want your space, you are just so far apart in age. You are doing well though.
 All these memories bring such smiles to my face son. We have shared so many wonderful times together as mom and son. You are changing a lot. Growing into a teenager and that's hard. I know that. You are showing your opinions more, and trying to figure out the world around you. Trying to find your place.
 You are such a funny boy. You have always had a great sense of humor. Always embrace that Nicholas. Stay true to who you are. I know all teens want to be like their friends, but you are special Nicholas. Be a leader and follow only your heart.
 Me, dad, Laura, Katie and William love you dearly. You are our oldest child and very special to all of us. You are a very important puzzle piece in our family, and I want you to always remember that.
 I love you hunny, and thank you for letting me be your mom from day one. I've been truly blessed to have you. Through the good and bad, I will always be here for you.
 Have a wonderful, laugh and just enjoy every minute of your special day!

 Love forever,

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  1. The love I feel you have for this little boy is amazing
    And I hope someday when he is older , he actually stops and thinks....
    What a lucky person I was to have her love me and include me in her life.
    You ARE all family.
    Good and'll make it thru
    Happy Birthday Nicholas !!!!