Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday party galore!

 Oh my goodness!!! Every year we get hit pretty hard from the months of September to February. Here is how our birthday's and anniversary's play out.....

September 30th-Katie's birthday.
October 6th-Nicholas' birthday.
October 19th-My birthday.
November 19th-Our wedding anniversary.
December 9th Williams' birthday.
December 15th-Laura's birthday.
February 18th-Nick's birthday.

 This isn't even including ANY of our familie's birthday's and anniversary's and other holidays. How insane! So....I try really hard to be good with money and to buy thing's throughout the year for each holiday and birthday. should see my closet, there is always a gift for SOMEONE in there.
 We just had Katie's third birthday and oh my!!! It was a blast! I try to do our kid's birthday's big, and last year I was very pregnant for Katie and Nicholas' bday and William was a newborn during Laura's bday. I will admit, the kids (except Katie) kind of got jipped last year. I decorated and we got gifts and cake and all that, but I didn't allow friends. I wasn't into it. Inside of me there was so much panic setting in, knowing I was about to have a baby and there were still tons of holidays to plan out. I was overwhelmed. So I did what I thought was best and had smaller bdays for Nicholas and Laura. They aren't I think it was ok. I feel like I'm making it up to them this year though.
 Now that Katie's birthday is over, I am on to Nicholas's. How on earth did all my kids end up being born only 6 days away from a sibling?? I will never know. I can only guess that God was giggling as he watched me realize this.
 Nicholas is getting older (crap, that means I am too!!!!). He will be 12 this year, which I swear feels like a total sucker punch to me. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PAST 9 YEARS STORED AWAY?! Who came and took those 9 years as a joke? I want them back....they went too fast, and I KNOW life can't fly by so quickly.......right? :(
 So, Nicholas has requested....ok begged me to let his friends sleep over to have a campout in a tent in the back yard. At first I thought "NO!!!!!!!!, anything but a sleepover!!" but I've come around to it. I haven't allowed any of the kids' friends to sleep over. I've ALWAYS had a baby at home, and my baby needs sleep.....I NEED SLEEP! So, I guess I'm the mean mommy that doesn't like sleepovers. Which leads me to a question.....Do any of you REALLY like kid sleepovers? There is no way! I need those few hours at night where I can relax without kids! If I have someone else's kid here, I feel like I need to be on full alert, and lets be honest....thats not always fun!
 On to what I was saying.....Nicholas wants a campout, with the campfire....really just a friend pow wow. So he is getting that :) We will of course invite family for cake and gifts, and then we will have food for his friends and I'm trying to come up with *cool* activites that 12 year old boys like. Yea...totally not as fun as planning a 3 year olds birthday! Every idea I have, I get a look from Nicholas like *you CAN'T be serious* grrrr help me out kid!
 So I think I will get some board games that we can all play together, we will do smores, glow sticks, and all sorts of random things. I am having a cake made for him....which seems to be the hardest part right now....oh and the fact that he doesn't want me to decorate! What the heck?! I'm decorating the hell out of this house ;)
 I just can't believe all these birthday's fall so close together. I go for more planning. I totally love the party planning for my kids, to see that they LOVE what I do for them. I just hope they look back and remember all the fun birthday's we plan for them, just like I have looked back at all my great birthdays. All 21 of them ;) ;) ;) hehe!!

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