Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Katelee!

 Happy Birthday my dear Katie!!
 Wow! Where have these last 3 years gone, and how did it go SO fast?! You have made each and every day special for me Katie. Through the smiles, laughs, tears, and have always put a smile on my face.
 I remember the day you were born. Even thinking of it today makes my heart light up. We didn't know if you were a boy or girl....the doctor held you up and let me be the one to say "it's a girl!!". Wow, was that special or what!?
 You still, three years later have the little line on your nose that you were born with. I love that little line. I don't think you even notice it....but I always will.
 Today, at three now, you are learning so much. You are such a wonderful sister and daughter. Your free spirit has taught me and everyone else, so much. You really appreciate everything. The big and little. You are still taking this big huge world in, day by day and you will never stop exploring. I hope you keep this up. It's wonderful to be curious and to say how you feel, to show the world how funny and caring you are.
 I love the way you look at me....with those wide loving eyes. You looked at me the same exact way when I was nursing you years ago.....and I still look at you the same way too.
 Katie you have filled my life with laughter, smiles, fun, love, and such heartwarming charm. You are one of a kind. Daddy will tell you this :) You've always been a daddy's girl. Lately you are a little more attached to mama, but that's because you are going through lots of changes. Going to school, being a big sister instead of the baby of the family, and learning how we control ourselves. That's a hard one. I haven't mastered it either....but we will keep working on it together :)
 You are fully potty trained, no more paci, and sleeping in a big girl bunk bed!! My my my, how you've grown! You speak so wonderfully, and try really hard to get your point across to anyone that will listen.
 Katie we are all so proud of you. We will always be. This world is all yours and I hope you always take advantage of that. You are special and can do anything you set your mind already do :)
 Mama loves you Katie bug. I will forever love you, and you will forever be my baby girl. My little princess with the line on her nose! :)
 Big kisses to you sweetheart, I hope you smile all day on your birthday, and everyday after.

Love Mama. <3

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  1. another one that made me cry!! be sure to print this off for your lovely so she can read it and keep it forever!;)