Saturday, September 24, 2011

Look at the time!

 Every night Nick and I work as a team to get the kids to bed and clean up any messes. We are not new to parenting or running a household, so we are a pretty well oiled machine by now.

 What I want to know is how does time really work? 24 hours in a day? BULL! Some days seem longer and some way whats going on with these darn clocks?!

 Nick and I get all three little kids in the bath (though Laura starts going into the big shower on her own this week yay!!!), get them cleaned while the other is making bottles to keep in the fridge. Lately I've been the bath giver. Do you all love bath time EVERY night? Cause I don't and I feel bad saying that. Some days I'm just not in the darn mood for William constantly standing up threatening to give me a heart attack for the 80th time that day. And for Laura's THICK hair to never seem to get wet no matter how many times I soak it. She has her dads hair. I call it horse hair. Or Katie whining that she just NEEDS the toy that her sibling has.

 Some days are fun, don't get me wrong.....I enjoy seeing them splash each other and laugh....but life isn't always full of like I said....not every night is fun during bath time.

 So....bath is done, now time to get all three dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, outfits for school picked out, lunches maid (oops....there I go thinking out loud again)....I mean MADE. ;) Story time, and then the rush to bed. After we get our girls to bed, Nicholas does his reading homework, and William needs his bottle and to be put into bed. Usually there is a mess or two somewhere to be cleaned up which annoys me. Every night! I clean ALL DAY... HOW can there be any messes anywhere?! UGH!

 Clean up those messes that of course NO ONE made, feed the pets, and load the dishwasher of all the cups from children getting drinks before bed. Have they not heard my rule of no drinks before bed?! Didn't think so. Nick and I pass each other a few times around the house knowing we are just dying to sit and relax with each other. But no.....there is more to be done. Nick must get all his stuff ready for school for the next day, and I need to prepare anything I need done for the next morning.

 While we are doing all this the clock goes into fast forward. it can't just be my clocks that do that!

 How though when its homework time, laundry time, temper tantrum time (if you are a new parent...YES you can bet your booty that there are actual set times when your youngest will throw a fit each day), and yard work time.....the clock slows down or seems to stop all together. I don't get it!!

 Nick and I wait all day long for those few short hours at night where we are a couple, and not parents. We are parenting all day, every day, so when our little ones are asleep we can finally connect and talk without being interrupted, share stories about our day, and just enjoy each others company. I just hate how those few hours at night go by so so quickly. I love those hours with my husband. I look forward to the alone time with my partner in this world. Even though, we are so busy every day, parenting.....those short few hours give me what I need to look forward to the next day. 

 And just like that......another hour has gone by!

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