Friday, September 9, 2011

William is 9 months old today!

 9 months has gone by so quickly. With each child I have, I realize just how fast time really does go by.
 In the beginning I always find myself saying "hurry up and be 4 months old already!!", one because newborns mostly never sleep well, and two because I worry about my babies getting sick.
 William had a rough start at life. At 19 days old he ended up with pneumonia. It shook Nick and me to the core. He was in and out of the hospital and just plain miserable. My poor boy. :(
 Those weeks when he was sick felt like years. All we could do was hold our newborn to our chest and pray he would be ok. I never prayed so much in my life! 
 William is now a happy healthy boy! I can't even believe I am saying he is 9 months old now!! How did that happen? Each month that passes, I feel my heart break a little. He is my last baby, and it feels like he is growing up faster than any of my babies have. Why does it have to feel like that?! I want him to stay THIS age forever. He is learning so much and smiling nonstop (except during diaper changes!), he makes us all laugh daily, and feel blessed to have him in our life.
 In 3 months I will be telling my precious boy "Happy 1st Birthday!" I am excited yet sad at the same time. This will be the last FIRST birthday I will ever give one of my babies. It will be a very special day in our home....I will make sure of that.
 While William is the last piece of our family's puzzle, I still feel sad sometimes knowing I will not have anymore babies.....ever. I think every woman that gets her tubes tied feels like this at some point. This just means I will cherish every moment with my kids, that much more.
 So, happy 9 months William!!! My heart is so full of love for you! You have been such an amazing and loving baby. We are so so so lucky to have YOU as our son!  

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