Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who are you?!

 Today while at our play date, my friend and I noticed there were a couple guys going around the play ground jumping like crazy people over and onto everything.
 Who are these people? It seems like every time I go to a play area....whether it be the mall play place, burger king, or the park, there are always a few of those people who have this deep need to jump and run as if they aren't actually around 2 year olds.
 I don't get it. I don't find it impressive that you can leap from one play bridge to the other. Certainly my 5 year old doesn't find it impressive either. My almost 3 year old finds it scary actually. These weird guys jumping and being all "fake superman" like. Did I mention these people are never KIDS?! They are ALWAYS at least 16 years old. Did their moms throw away their superman toys at a young age for not cleaning their rooms, and they rebelled by trying to act like superman? Is this a new trend like planking that I just don't get?? They CAN'T be trying to impress toddlers. Hmm...
 I think next time I am going to challenge these hoodlums to a jump off. Seriously, I've been chasing after kids since I was 18....I know damn well I can jump farther than these fake superheros. ;)
 Seriously though.....why don't they go to their back yards or something? Why a child's playground where KIDS stare at them like they MUST have lost their marbles. I'm going to have to ask one of these kiddos whats this all about next time....

 AFTER the jump off challenge! ;)

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