Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alway's mama's fault....yea....not so much!

 This past summer Nicholas asked me...ok....BEGGED me to put him in band. So we did. I felt it would be great for him, and he was thrilled for school to start, so he could start practicing his instrument.
 The second week of school my son brought home his instrument. The french horn! Yay! Well, outside I was saying YAY!! Inside, not as enthused ;) With several naptimes, nonstop daily children sounds, and a dog that barks at any sound that seems suspicious to her....I was less than excited for all the noise. However, I came up with a plan....he could practice in the garage each afternoon. We have fans in there so its nice and cool. When the winter comes, I will have to come up with another plan! For now, we won't think about that!
 Nicholas jumped right in to playing and learning how to blow into his instrument the correct way and learning the different keys. Are they even called keys? Who know. We will just keep calling them that ;)
Come the 3rd and 4th week of school Nicholas realizes that playing an instrument isn't all about PLAY. It takes practice, concentration and time. None of which he wants to do. The middle of the 4th week Nicholas manages to break his horn. He says he tried to take off the part you blow in....we will call it the blowy thingy. Well the blowy thingy was apparently on pretty good and he ruined it while trying to take it off. During the week before this broke, he is asking me constantly to put him in computers instead. I won't do that. I am not teaching these kids that you quit just because it's not easy. So no....not happening.
 Part of Nicholas's grade for band is practicing at home. I log how many minutes each day he practices. I've been asking him to speak to his teacher about what he SHOULD be doing for homework since he can't bring his horn back home. The teacher has to take it in to get the blowy thingy fixed. *sigh*
 Today I pushed again....."Nicholas please speak with your band teacher about what he wants you to do for homework so your grade doesn't slip, if you don't I will have to email him, so please take care of that." Simple enough.
 First thing he said...."This wouldn't have happened if you didn't put me in band in the first place". I have a few problems with this. First....whoa buddy. I'm your mother, not your friend. Speaking to me with disrespect isn't okay. Ever. begged me to put you in band. When I told him this his response was "I didn't beg you, I just said I might want to try it this year, that doesn't mean put me in it".            :)             Now you are unleashing the frustrated mama.....and that isn't good. FOR YOU.
 Oh dear child. By now you should have learned that I will not argue with you. I love you too much.  What I want to know is how I get blamed for HIM breaking HIS horn?!
 How does that always happen?! I swear moms are always blamed and always end up the 'bad guy'.
 I didn't want to embarrass Nicholas at the bus stop when this conversation happened this morning. So I will speak to him about this today when he comes home. I'm frustrated that he got frustrated with me for asking him to speak to his teacher about homework, so his reaction is to blame to. As if to say he shouldn't have to do homework since he thinks it is MY fault it broke because I was awful and put him in band like he asked. What a bad mom I am!
 So mama's I guess the lesson here is to do the opposite of what your children ask for? Or maybe when an accident like this happens YOU go straight to the teacher instead of asking the child to do so. Who am I kidding.....what 12 year old kid WANTS to go to his teacher to ask for homework? So maybe he is right.....THIS situation IS my fault. HA!

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