Saturday, September 17, 2011

Well....let's hope THAT never happens again.

 Been a mom for almost 9 years and never have I lost a child. Today that changed.
 Ok, don't let me fool you...I didn't LOSE her....she just was not in my sight for a few minutes. Is that still losing her? No.....right???? ;)
 I took Laura and Katie on a play date today, to meet some new friends (who I am thrilled that I got to meet....they are great ladies!) Everything went so smoothly, we all chatted and it never felt forced or like we didn't click. The kids played and it was beautiful weather! Just great all around. Then it happened. I realized it had been a couple minutes since I last saw Katie and Laura.
 We got there at 9:45am, and the park was pretty much empty. As time went on more and more people started to show up. When I went to look for my girls I saw Laura pretty much right away. I asked her where Katie was and she didn't know. At that moment I swear it felt like 100 people came out of the wood work and were all surrounding me. All I wanted was to see my short little girl in her pink dress on a slide or walking across one of the play bridges. I probably only looked for her for a few minutes but it felt like forever and I only grew more scared as the seconds went by. 
 I asked my new girlfriends if they had seen Katie and they both hopped up right away and went off to look for her. That was so amazing of them. I didn't even have to ask for help....their mommy instincts just turned right on and they were on a mission to find her. My new friend Brianna found her pretty much right away wandering around the park. Thank goodness!!!! I am very appreciative that these girls, that I have never met before were more than happy to help me look for her.
 Getting to Katie, through all the bridges and turns in the play area felt like forever....when I got to her I felt like I was the worst mom ever. I know people were watching me as I frantically searched yelling "KATIE BUG" up and down the play area. UGH!!! Enter shameful face here!!!!
 I hugged my girl and felt so much better! I didn't let her leave my sight after that....and don't think I will EVER AGAIN!  ;) 
 When I was looking for her (and I'm serious it was only a few minutes, but felt like a really long time) all I could think about was....what if someone took her?! She is a gorgeous little girl and one of my BIGGEST fears is for one of my children to be taken. I hope to never feel that again. Let me be sucked! 
 So....for all the moms out there that have "lost" a child for a few minutes....I sympathize with you. I know just how scary it is now! 
 On the car ride home all I talked about was "what should you do if you can't find mommy?" "what should you do if someone tries to take you, tries to offer you candy, tries to take you to play?". I probably OVERLY pounded it into their heads lol. Maybe it's my head that I needed to pound "DON'T LET YOUR DAUGHTER WANDER OFF" into!
 For now.....let's pretend that didn't happen ;)

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