Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Confessions of a full time stay at home mom.

 I confess....I am not always happy every minute of every day. I am not always smiling, and excited to clean. I don't like cleaning. I never have. Does anyone?????!!!!!!
 I confess....A lot of days I get frustrated when thinking about what to make for dinner.....shoot, that goes for breakfast and lunch too!
 I confess....I don't think every day is full of fun and excitement. Some days I am bored and would love to get a job. I cook, clean, fix, organize, shuttle kids to and from bus stops and school...well you all know. I do the same things you all do! AND IT'S TIRING!!!!!!!!
 I confess....I take a little longer to do my makeup sometimes, just to get one or two minutes more to myself. Most times both of my daughters come in and sit with me and watch me. I enjoy those moments too.
 I confess....I tip toe around my house when William and Katie are napping, just to make sure I don't wake them up. It's nice to get cleaning and cooking done without kids under my feet.....and this is the best time to sneak in some chocolate!!!
 I confess....I lie to my kids sometimes. Look, I'm a mom of 4 kids that have nonstop questions, nonstop wants, nonstop needs. When we go into target and my kids ask for a toy, soda, candy....anything.....sometimes I say "oh, nope....it says right here that you can't buy this until 2 weeks from now". I feel no guilt. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!
 I confess....when I see a mom with one child I think to myself "oh my gosh....I remember those easy days". I chose to have my children, but that doesn't mean they are ALWAYS easy.
 I confess....I am more pessimistic than optimistic. I've always been this way. I've fought it all my life.
 I confess....when other people's children have fits in the store, I secretly thank god that its not my child.
 I confess....I think people look at me like I am crazy for having 4 kids. I always think of the saying "You think I have my hands full? You should see my heart". I remember walking around with Nicholas when he was 3 years old. I was 18 and a full on mommy. People gave me strange looks....you should see them now. I'm 26 with a 12 year old. The looks haven't changed. It used to bother me. But I've learned that people are curious....yes, some people are judging me. I don't care.
 I confess....with all of my children....I couldn't wait for them to sleep through the night. Even to this day, I pray they keep doing it lol!!!!
 I confess....moving to California has been hard for me. Sometimes I regret leaving my family. Especially my mom....
 I confess....I was left very angry after having my son William. I ended up with a spinal headache when the anesthesiologist went to far with the epidural. I couldn't hold or nurse my baby for the first few days. I had a plan. I wanted things to go a certain way after having him. Knowing he'd be my last baby, I wanted this to be an extra special time for me and Nick. I had to go through 3 blood patches to fix the spinal headache leaving me in terrible pain. This was so emotionally hard for me. I'm not over this. In the least.
 I confess....I make excuses sometimes so I don't have to workout. It's not something I am proud of!
 I confess....I know there are things I can do to be a better mom....I strive everyday to be a great mom for my children.

 I could go on.....and on ;) We all have confessions, and most of them we can all relate to. As a mother of 4, I have changed so much, and so have my confessions. When I was a first time mom I was so nervous and unsure of myself. I've learned to trust myself and go with the flow more. I'm not perfect...as we can see from my confessions, but I am me. I am true to my pessimistic self, and learning to love all of my flaws along the way.

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