Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mama's have birthday's too!

 It's official...I'm 27. Twenty seven. Wow.
 I don't have any bad feelings towards getting older. (eek) I am just NOW feeling like wow, I actually AM getting older.
 I look back at when I first met Nick when I was 18 years old. It feels like that was just a few short month's ago. But no. It was almost 10 YEARS ago. HOW?! I don't feel old. I don't feel like I'm a "spring chicken" (thanks hunny!) anymore either though.
 Everyone says "time flies". It's true. We all knew that as parents anyway, but I am really beginning to see it more now, since I am getting older along with my children. Imagine that! ;) I feel the same as I did two weeks ago, and 5 years ago. Maybe some more knowledge and opinions, and experience. Ok, I guess I am a lot different than I used to be. Hmm.
 When I was a kid, all of my birthdays were a childs dream! My mom threw the best bday parties for us. I always felt so special and had a blast. Now in my late twenties (ok.....that will be the LAST time I say "late twenties") birthdays are definitely different. I don't get a pinata, or goody bags, and birthday hats. It would be pretty silly to buy all that stuff for myself and at this age. All I'm trying to say is that, you look back at how BIG birthday's were back then, and you kinda miss it. You being me. ;)
Don't get me husband and everyone in my family worked hard to make me feel special, and boy did I! It's just different now. You all must know what I'm saying. Right???

 This year, on my 27th birthday, I spent the day shopping and relaxing and getting gifts from lots of people. My kids were so wonderful and my husband was all about making me the queen of the day (not like I'm not ALREADY the queen in this house hehe!). I just felt different. Maybe it's that I wasn't with my mom? Probably. I have spent every single birthday with my mom except for 2. Both of those I was here in Redding. It felt different to miss our mexican lunch and shopping spree together. I shopped alone. And while having 'kid free' time, is ALWAYS fantastic.....I still felt bummed. I missed having my best friend, my shopping mom.

 I guess as we get older, we really do change, and begin to lead different lives than we did 10 years ago. Sometimes that's just a hard pill to swallow.

 Since I have bummed you all out now (lol sorry!) I will add all the wonderful things that I did on my big day! I slept in, which if you have kids you know that is a wonderful RARE gift! I woke up to coffee and doughnuts, that my husband ran out to get for me. He had beautiful flowers waiting for me which was a wonderful surprise. They are still smelling wonderful in my kitchen! I did a workout and then Nick kicked me out of the house for some shopping :) I spent many hours walking the mall, and just thinking. It was nice....but like I said. It made me really miss my mom. So, I got home and Nick took all the kids out of the house so I could have some quiet time to read a new book I bought. He came home with dinner from apple bees and some AMAZING perfume from Victorias Secret. I love that perfume, he did a great job picking it out! AND....he did all that with 4 kids in tow. THAT is amazing! My kids were so excited to see me open the perfume since they were part of picking it out. They all made me cards and I got so many hugs and kisses :) We had cake and hearing them all sing happy birthday to me (except William haha!) was just wonderful. It really made my heart light up looking around my kitchen table seeing all this love in every ones eyes.

 I spend so much....ok almost ALL of my time doing things for my family. My life feels like its all about the kids, so seeing them all work together to make me feel special, was so sweet.

 On the night of my birthday my brother set up a skype date with my whole family in Az. Boy was it hard to hold back those tears! It was so nice to talk and SEE my family on my birthday.

 I got flowers sent to me from my grandparents on my moms side. They are gorgeous and I think they might live for a long time! YAY! Nick's parents had a dinner for me, with cake and gifts. It was so sweet!! I enjoyed everything, especially when they all sang to me :)

 So, yes....I'm getting older, but I really feel like my life is just beginning!

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