Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer fun Day 44!! Milk art!

Hi friends!! Today is day 44, and I had a fun activity/science experiment planned for today. MILK ART! I saw this on pinterest and just HAD to try it out. You can't get better than this should already have all the things you need for this, at home......and it kept me and the kids busy for a while!

All you need is milk, a plate, food coloring, dish soap.

Now, pour a thin layer of milk on your plate, and then put in some drops of food coloring. We did this on three different plates, and we used different mixtures of colors on each plate.

This is when the fun begins!! Just add a couple drops of dish soap and watch the AWESOME milk art form! The milk fat reacts to the soap and creates this super cool psychedelic picture that continues to swirl around for several minutes.
Here is Katie's milk art....


Here is Laura's milk art.....

Here is Nicholas's milk art....

I REALLY hope you all try this activity, it was so neat to see the swirls that the milk and soap made. The kids gave this one a thumbs up, and so do I!!!

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