Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer fun Day 43! Chalk painting!

Hi friends!! I'm writing this a day late, but that's ok! We have been so extremely busy this week! We were at gma and gpa's house yesterday when I realized we hadn't done an activity! So gma and I came up with a quick, but FUN activity. Chalk painting!

We were outside on the back patio, so we had the kids pour lots of water on the cement, and then had them color in the water with chalk.

They had so much fun being creative, and mixing colors. We wanted to let them be even more creative, so we brought out a canvas for them to create some fabulous art on!  

I liked this activity because it certainly kept the kids busy, and it was fun to see them use the chalk as paint. If you haven't tried that before, then I totally recommend it :)

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