Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's a new year, it's a new life....and I'm feeling gooooood! (Not really, I'm actually kind of sick!)

 Can someone please tell me HOW it's already 2012?? Seriously, 2011 went by so crazy fast that I can barely remember each month! So much happened in the past year (for everyone I'm sure). Now that it's a new year, so many people make new years resolutions.
 This year I don't have to add "lose weight" or "get in shape" to my list. FINALLY! I've worked hard to lose the baby weight and I actually weigh LESS than I did when I got pregnant with my little William. That is huge to me and I feel pretty proud.
 Moving on...this year I have a few resolutions.
1- Go with the flow and not stress about the small stuff. I REALLY will have to work hard at this one. I am naturally a pessimistic person (not something I'm proud of) and freak about about little things all the time. Thank god I have Nick to bring me back down to earth and make me see the bigger picture almost on a daily basis.
2- Get past the anger I have with my father. I wrote my last blog about this subject, don't want to get back into it too much. Moving past the anger will be great for me.....and everyone around me honestly. When a person is holding onto anger, it comes out in everyday life sometimes without knowing you are letting it out. This should have been number one because to be honest, its the biggest thing I'm currently working on.
3- Plan more playdates! I love them, my kids love them...but my busy mommy schedule sometimes doesn't allow for these playdates. My goal is to set aside time each week to bring little only baby who doesn't get to get out of the house to play with others at school, on more scheduled play dates.
4- Be truly happy with me, inside and out. I find that each time I have a baby and lose weight I'm happy when I see pictures of myself, but day to day life I don't see myself as looking that way. I see myself as if I just had a baby still. Maybe other mom's go through that same thing. I spent so long being big and pregnant that its hard for me to realize I'm a lot smaller now, and a lot harder for me to be HAPPY with what I do look like. On the inside I have a lot of things to work through (ie; my father, sad about being away from my family), but I am making it a goal to be able to look inside of myself and be happy with how I feel.
5- Plan more activities for my family! I know I already do a lot of this, but I want to do more. The cold months seem to keep us all cooped up inside, which is VERY hard for us as an Arizona family. We are used to warm winters (haha) and being able to play outside almost daily. I plan to come up with ideas for activities for my family to do outside of the home, inside somewhere else haha, when its freezing outside.

 So, now that I have my list all written in front of me, I can start working on each of these. All of these things mean a lot to me, so I will blog about how it's going from time to time :)

 Here is to us all having a wonderful 2012!!!!!!!

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