Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Putting yourself first is A-OK!

 In October of last year I decided to start putting myself first. Now, I know what you are thinking "how awful of this mother to put her children last!". Hardly! What I mean is, I was finding myself not ever working out, rarely drinking water....or anything, holding my pee for hours, eating quick junk snacks that I could grab and go.....all because EVERYTHING else came first.
 I set a few REQUIREMENTS for myself. I made myself drink a glass of water each time I had to go into the kitchen. Boom.....I was immediately drinking more water than I needed in a day, because as mothers we all know the kitchen is basically where life is revolved around. I told myself, each time a kid woke up from a nap, I needed to go to the restroom before getting him/her. Because it might be hours before I got the chance again!
 How crazy is it that as parents we literally put our needs last for our children, spouses, CLEANING. I was tired of it. I'm a person. I have needs and wants too and by golly......they will be met! :)
 I've lost 30 pounds since the beginning of October. Which means I've lost a total of 65 pounds in one year. Wow. Mostly because I told myself I am good enough to put myself first sometimes. I asked Nick to do whatever he needed to do to give me one hour a day to workout. He gladly has helped. I am lucky to have him, and to have him realize my needs.
 So, for all you moms that are eating junk food because its quick....stop. Take 10 minutes to make yourself a meal you will feel happy about eating. GO PEE for goodness sake! It's bad for us women to hold it you know! That bladder of yours only gets lower from here on out! So do it a favor and empty it! WORKOUT!!! Stop the excuses. Yes, they are ALL excuses. Working out sucks. It hurts and you sweat and sometimes you feel like a fool doing all the moves that, the perfect lady in the dvd is doing. Do it anyway. That lady isn't perfect!!! :) Read. Put the kids to bed 10 minutes earlier than normal and take that extra time to read. You will feel more relaxed and centered after reading anything...except a magazine ;) DRINK WATER!! Soda is easy to grab but your stomach hates it. Believe me. Stop drinking it for a month and then take a swig of that junk.....barf! You wont go back...I promise! Your body needs water to survive. You will feel more full, happy and not in a funk if you drink more water. You will save money while you are at it!!
 My basic message here is that its ok to do things for yourself. Its ok to say, "I need to workout, please take the kids". "I'm going to window shop, because I want to". We live one life. How awful would it be to look back and see that you never had your needs met. Obviously our kids and spouses are the most important priorities to all of us....but don't ever forget about yourself. You are pretty important too! ;)

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