Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some of this mama's pet peeves.

These are some of my pet peeves. In no particular order, as these will annoy me more on some days than others. Let's get started, shall we?

1) When I see children out and about past 10pm. This drives me NUTS. Yes, some people have different work shifts which makes their family's schedule different than mine. I get that. What THEY aren't getting is that children go to school at the same time every day. They then get home at the same time and NEED a certain amount of sleep to function and for their brains to grow. Nicks knows, I'm a sleep freak!! From the day our children our born I instill a good sleep schedule, because I know their little bodies NEED it to thrive. There is no way a child who is 5 is going to bed at 11pm, waking up at 6am for school and feeling good. Please moms and dads, let your kids get the sleep they need!

2) When I see kids out in the cold with only shorts and a tee shirt. Sometimes I will even see kids with out shoes on. HOW are they not FREEZING?! I am freezing just thinking about it!

3) When I walk into Walmart, Target, a grocery store OR A PARK and smell pot. Yea, its disgusting, and I surely don't want my kids asking me what that horrid smell is. I've had to walk past a huge group of young adults when we were leaving a park and all my kids had to smell pot. I was more than "pissed". I was furious. Nick and I got the kids in the car faster than ever before....and then we called the cops. :) It wasn't the only time I've called the cops on these random hoodlums who think its "so awesome" to smoke weed in public places. I know, I in California at least, cops are pretty lax on smoking pot now. Well I'm not. It's foul in my opinion. Keep that crap in your house away from the rest of us, especially our kids.

4) When people spell my name wrong. I know there are SO many ways to spell Kristin. But if you are closer than an acquaintance, I will feel a little sting when I see it spelt KRISTEN.....especially on facebook when my name is right there ;)

5) When my dog who I love so so much, sleeps on the foot of my bed and wont move so I can get comfortable. I love her, and allow her to sleep there because I feel bad for her having to sleep on the floor....but PLEASE LACEY....MOVE A LITTLE!

6) When I go to the grocery store and the grapes, bananas and oranges are ALWAYS bad. I know it might not be the best time of year for these to grow (I'm not sure, I don't know much about those things) but when IS the best time for them to grow because I don't think I've EVER gone to the store and picked up the first bag of fruit I have seen and put it in my cart. I usually have to dig a bit. This annoys me a little. Sometimes a lot.

7) When I have to bring 2 of my kids to the grocery store and they are using great manners, but we accidentally get into someones way, we all say "sorry, excuse me" and there is no response. How can a grown adult not respond to a child that is using manners? Seriously, don't we want children in this world who HAVE AND USE manner and respect? Well ignoring the kids using these, is not ok. It's teaching them that using manners and showing respect doesn't matter. It's ok, I am doing my job as a mother and teaching them that some ADULTS don't have manners and respect. They will be better than that.

8) When I'm late ANYWHERE. Nick knows I want to be ten minutes if not more, EARLY to EVERYTHING, and it seems now that we have 4 kids, that we are late or BARELY on time more often than not. It doesn't matter if we get ready early and have things organized....SOMETHING will happen each and every time to make us barely on time. Drives me up a wall.

9) When I can't find a sippy cup. They are bright, and not really small. How can I not ever find them? Guess where I found William's sippy cup tonight? In my pantry. How did it end up there? I will never know, but somehow my son put his sippy cup in the pantry. I accidentally found it when I was getting dog food out of there. Silly boy! I wasn't annoyed when I found it, but I was annoyed when I looked everywhere for this neon blue cup and it was hidding all along in my pantry. I know it was probably mocking me! ;)

10) When my purse ends up being the "family suitcase". Hate it. I swear I'm going to start bringing my wallet and keys and that's IT! It never fails.....we all go out and each person in my family sneaks something into the truck and I end up holding it. Maybe I should make them all carry MY stuff? ;) myself some ideas!

11) When mothers act like being a mom, stay at home OR working, is 100% easy. We know you are lying. It's NEVER fully easy for any of us. Being a mom is hard, stressful, frustrating and overwhelming sometimes. I know there are so many great times. I love being a mother, and feel so proud and empowered by being a stay at home mom. But if we are being honest with each other, the fits, tantrums, new phases, and sleep deprivation (during those first few months) are sometimes hard to get through. I don't like meeting a mom who acts like her children are perfect all the time. It's just not real. Or is it, and are my kids the odd ones out?? ;)

These are some things that I'm SURE you parents can agree with. Feel free to add your own :)

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