Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little girl, turning into a little lady.

 Laura just turned 6 years old and lost her first tooth about a week ago!! It was a huge moment for our little girl. It was a huge moment for me too :)
 I pulled Nicholas's first tooth and plan to pull every one of our kids first teeth (and obviously all of them that follow since Nick can't stomach it!).
 It's really amazing to me to see Laura growing up so fast. She is the one child of ours that I'm seeing a huge change in the past 6 months. Yes, all of our kids are growing so much, so fast, but Laura is making more of a change.
 Not only is she starting to get in her adult teeth, but she is changing her opinions and ideas. It is so fun to have a conversation with this little lady that ACTS like a lady. She will talk all day about her opinions on any topic. Mostly her siblings ;) The things she says sometimes just blows my mind. I forget that she is growing, not only on the outside but on the inside. Her thoughts are more of a young girl than a toddler. I hear "Dora is babyish mom", and that just kills me!! I remember when she HAD to have an all Dora room, so we went all out to make our princess her special Dora room. It didn't last long :(
 She now wants Hannah Montana, Icarly and the biggest of all....Justin Bieber (excuse me while I shiver a little). Where did my Dora lover go???!!!! I have to be more strict now than ever though. Sure I will humor the little girl and get the Justin Bieber microphone and nightgown.....but that is where I draw the line. I can not have my 6 year old who shares a room with her THREE YEAR OLD sister, have a poster of Justin Bieber in her room. She already has a small poster of Hannah montana and that was hard for me to allow. I'm trying to let her become her own person and feel free in her opinions.....but I'm still mom, and she still needs me to guide her.
 I guess that is what each stage of parenting is about. Guiding at an age appropriate level. This is hard sometimes, and even with having 4 kids, I'm still trying to master this concept!

Here is my little lady with her first missing tooth!

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