Friday, January 20, 2012

YAY for trips!!! WITHOUT KIDS!

 Nick and I went on our little weekend getaway last weekend. OH MY GOODNESS, it was wonderful!! We left early Saturday morning and got to our hotel in Eureka, Ca around noon. We checked in, rested for a few minutes and went to a nice little lunch together. It's funny, how when you go on a trip somewhere, it feels like you stick out like a sore thumb. As if the locals can just tell you aren't from there. Thats how we felt most of the time. Eureka is gorgeous and peaceful, but the people seem.....more small town than we are ;) Nothing wrong with that though!

 After our lunch we went to get a few things like popcorn for the movie we planned on watching that night, some drinks and random things like that. We brought it all back to our room and left in a hurry to the beach! We couldn't wait to see the waves crashing and feel the crisp air on our noses! It was definitely one of my favorite moments from our trip. The beach is always peaceful, relaxing and almost mesmerizing to me. Even in the freezing cold, I was so happy!

 After a few hours on the beach, taking tons of pics, skipping rocks in the water, playing in the sand and running from the sneaky waves that try very hard to soak our shoes......we wanted to go back to our hotel to get cleaned up for a romantic dinner. We spoke to our children for a few minutes before leaving for dinner which also was a highlight of the trip. Hearing my babies voices saying "I miss you mama!" "Are you in the beach right NOW?!" and "we are being good!" just made our trip that much better. Our kids had a great time at home with gma and gpa. They played, and behaved very well. I'm so happy about that. I was nervous to leave William over night. I have a pretty strict schedule for our kids bedtime routines and I worry if I am not the one kissing his chubby warm cheeks and tucking him into bed. I let go a little, which is easy since nick's parents are wonderful with our kids. So back to the trip.....

 We went to a local seafood restaurant, which turned out to be FAN-TAS-TIC!!!! I got steak, shrimp, a baked potato and salad. Oh my! My mouth is watering now just thinking about how delicious each bite was....YUM!!! Nick got some kind of pacific snapper fish, a baked potato and shrimp and clam chowder....we both were extremely full!! I ordered their version of a long island iced tea, which I love, but they went a little crazy with the alcohol, so I was only able to finish half of it. Dinner was so wonderful. We had great food, great conversation and great service!

 After dinner we decided to head to the hotel for some swimming. Well, I had no intentions of going into a pool.....I really only wanted to soak in a warm spa!! We had a great time relaxing while having the pool and spa to ourselves! So much fun!! We went back to our room when the pool closed and decided to enjoy our own jacuzzi that we had in our room. I've never had a jacuzzi in a hotel room that I've ever stayed at....but I highly recommend it!

 We decided to watch Bridesmaids and pig out on popcorn, and cheesecake. It doesn't sound like it would go together, but believe me.....anything goes with cheesecake ;)

 I didn't sleep well that night. Different place, different bed, and I wasn't with my kids. I thought about William a lot that night...if he was sleeping at that moment, or if he missed me. Total mommy moment lol.

 The next morning I got up right at 7. I swear I just wanted to start our day and get the most out of it before we had to head back home. We had a nice breakfast at the hotel, stopped by the beach again (which was even MORE beautiful) and had lunch at a cute little diner. We walked a 1 mile trail in the redwood forest which was....I can't even explain it. Beautiful. Amazing. Peaceful. Breathtaking. All of those words BARELY describe it. I have never heard such SILENCE before. I was creeped out at first because of how quiet it was out there. I'm so used to my fast paced life, full of my little ones voices, that the silence almost makes me uncomfortable....thats an entirely different blog LOL! Anyways, as we walked back to our truck, it began to snow. I was so excited and had to take lots of pics for my kids to see.

 We decided that it would be best for us to head home since the drive would take a few hours. It was freezing and by this time I was exhausted. We couldn't wait to get home to our little crew. They greeted us with smiles, hugs, and lots of "I miss you!!!" It was an absolute perfect weekend for us. We have been married for 7 years and this was the first time we were able to take a trip since we have had children. I really believe little trips are really needed and great for a marriage. You don't have to spend a lot of money, go to the fanciest places, or be away for too long. We left Saturday morning and were back at our house Sunday at 7pm. It was the perfect amount of time for us to take a breather from being parents. Yes.....some of us need that sometimes. And thats ok!!!!

 I'm glad we took that trip for us. It brought us back to being a couple......without being parents for a little while. Sometimes thats needed.....and will always always always be treasured.

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