Thursday, January 12, 2012

My little boy is walking!!

 For the past two days, my son William has been walking everywhere. This makes me happy and sad. Happy that he is reaching these big milestones and exploring so much! Learning all the time and getting into as much as possible to expand his mind!
 It makes me sad that my little baby is not a baby anymore. I call him a baby, he looks like a baby to me still. When I cuddle with him at night while giving him his nightly bottle, I see him as my baby. By the way, the bottle before bed with milk in it, is just because I adore that time with him. I literally get teary eyed thinking about giving up the nightly bottle and rocking session.
 One year ago, I was nursing my son in my rocking chair and starring at his beautiful big blue eyes. I still do that to this day. How did a year go by so fast? I almost feel like I was punished or something because it went too fast to be perfectly honest.
 This stage in a child's life is so precious, yet so short. He is learning a mile a minute and copying everything we are doing. Walking was a hard one for our big boy....plain and simple...he was happy to be carried around or crawling. I think he has realized he can get where he wants faster by walking. Seeing him toddle down the hallway brings a HUGE smile to my face, but tears to my eyes as well. My last baby, walking. Sigh......

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