Sunday, July 8, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 13!

Hi there! Today is day 13- three confessions of your choice. Okey we go.

1- I obsess about my weight sometimes. I think most girls do in a way. When I get to the weight that my brain thinks I need to be at, I think I look too skinny, so I stop dieting and just workout, then I gain a couple pounds, and feel like crap. It's bad, I know....but it is what it is.

2- I love being a stay at home mom, and I don't love it all at the same time. I do this for my kids, I love them more than anything and want them to have a great childhood. Being a stay at home mom is so much work. I'm with the kids nonstop, and it gets frustrating at times. I've literally thought about looking for a night job just to get out of the house and have my own identity! I won't do it though....I do too much during the day, to have any sort of energy to work at night, lol!

3- I feel judged with a lot of things, but mostly how I have raised my son Nicholas. I'm strict with ALL of my kids, it's just how I am. They are loved, and have fun EVERY day, but school is important to me and I won't allow any of my kids to earn bad grades without repercussions. My son hasn't been allowed to play video games in my house for 2 years now, because of his grades. I've been told "just let him play games and you might see a change".....really?? I have tried that...I've tried so many things, so when I get this kind of advice, it irritates me. It's choose to get bad grades, you don't get video games. That's it. All I ask is for C's and better, and if someone thinks THAT is too much to ask of a 6th grader, then continue to judge me. :)

There are 3 confessions of my choice :) Let's hear yours!

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