Saturday, July 21, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 23! :)

Hi friends and family! :) Today is day 23! I am to write about 5 things that I think about a lot. Here we go.

#1- Obviously my kids. I have 4 kids, so I have kids on my mind a lot! I'm thinking about what I need to do next for them, fun crafts to do with them, how their consequences are working or aren't working for each one, if they feel enough happiness and love.....and so on. I'm sure all of you would list your kids as number one as well. We can't help it...our kids are ALWAYS on our minds.

#2- My husband. He is at school a lot, and I'm always thinking about-did he eat enough before he left? Is he stressing about school right now? Hopefully he brought his water. I miss him. The list goes on.

#3- Working out. If I didn't do it yet, I think about when I will get the chance to do it, will I have the energy to do it when the time comes? Or what different workout can I put in the mix?

#4- Dinner. Ugh.....Every single day. I'm pretty good at making a weekly menu and sticking to it, but lately I haven't been. I wake up, make breakfast for the kids, and think..."now what do I make for dinner?".....sigh.....

#5- My family in Arizona. I miss them and they quite frequently enter my thoughts. I think about when I can visit them, how they are doing, and how much we all miss them.

I think about a lot. This is the top 5, but on a day to day basis my mind is flooded with random thoughts.....which is probably why I suffer from anxiety. I'd love to hear your top 5 thoughts.

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