Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 9!!

We meet again! :) I'm doing this blog a day early because tomorrow is the 4th of July, so I will be spending it with my family :)

Today I am supposed to write about my pet peeves. Is it wrong that I'm excited for this one? LOL! Here we go....

-Hearing people brush their teeth. Yes even brushing my kids teeth grosses me out.
-People picking at their feet. YUK!!
-People chewing with their mouth open. Oh boy, I might throw up soon....
-Drivers in a hurry.
-Drivers in not enough of a hurry ;)
-Assholes. In general.
-Back door being left open. I don't like chasing my cat, and for some reason when my door opens he is trying to escape.....hmm....:/
-Crumbs on the counter. ARGH!!!!!
-When the kids say "um" every other word, when telling me a story. I know.....I'm awful!
-When the toilet is left unflushed.

Ok I'm realizing some of these are just thing's I hate.....eh...let's go with it. ;)

-ANY time I write a blog during the day, it's like the kids know I'm busy, so they must ask every question in the world. Followed by......"why?" sigh......
-Same goes for phone calls.
-Things being put back in the wrong spot in the refrigerator and pantry.
-Girls that have a nasty attitude. What's the point?
-My son's mother thinking school is a big joke.....ok...that's WAY more than a pet peeve!
-Loud noises when my kids are sleeping.
-The mail man being really late (I know...weird)
-My shows not recording. Oh boy.....that hurts my heart!! I don't ask for much...I just want an hour show when the kids go to sleep!!!
-Lights being left on.
-When my dear husband leaves dishes in the sink....the dishwasher is RIGHT THERE!!!
-Toilet paper rolls that are all used and not replaced.
-When Nick (sorry hunny) messes with his phone when driving.
-The way Nick parks.....oh god. Who does a 4 point turn EVERY TIME they park?! And who starts to back out of a parking spot, stops to stretch and then continues reversing? WHY?!!
-When the kids leave their dirty clothes on their bedroom floor. They know better.
-Leaking sippy cups.

Are you all hanging in there?? Hope so!

-Getting a new voicemail.....now I have to go listen to the darn thing!
-Texting. I hate it.
-Showing up to anything late. I absolutely hate that, and feel so embarrassed!
-My coffee getting cold before I get to finish it.
-Hearing my doorbell ring....ever. My dog yaps her butt off, and the kids go nuts thinking its one of their friends.
-When I forget to put a dryer sheet in the dryer....argh!!
-Falling asleep during a good movie.
-Being blinded by the reflection of the sun, off of a car driving in front of me.
-When I bake cookies for one minute too long. I can tell I left them in for a minute too long!
-Finding gum anywhere but the garbage. KATIE!!!
-Getting a text while driving....I MUST SEE WHAT IT SAYS!!

Ok we can all see I have plenty of pet peeves, and I must admit, this is just the one's I'm thinking of off the top of my head, so there will be more. I'm curious to see how many of you will be nodding your head, or rolling your eyes while reading this. How we are alike, and different. So feel free to add your own pet peeves, before you know it, you will realize "wow....a lot of little things bother me." LOL!

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